Hello everyone, first of all, we want to thank you for being part of the ELYON-AIR.COM Community. We have been working for a long time to bring all the information of this incredible MMORPG to all of you, from Korean language to English translations, to great contributions from community members on Discord, like guides among other things, and also all with the development of tools like the Interactive Map, Rune Calculator, Sephirot Calculator and the Skill Calculator that we are finalizing, you can see all the tools here.

Today we start a giveaway of 100 Keys for ELYON’s CLOSED BETA 1, and we are going to do it exclusively for the Discord community.

100 Keys Giveaway for ELYON CBT1

Enter the ELYON-AIR.COM Discord Server https://discord.gg/4QqNnxvaaE
and react on the giveaways on the 🎉giveaways channel. You will find there 5 different giveaways, each one for 20 CBT keys.

We hope that after the Giveaway you will continue to support the community and its members, by staying with us and sharing your adventures.


How to redeem the key for Elyon’s Closed Beta

  1. Connect with your account at  https://login.playkakaogames.com/login
  2. Enter the following link  https://account.playkakaogames.com/account/overview
  3. Enter your key in «Redeem a Code»
  4. Press confirm

Elyon CBT Schedule

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