Beginner's Guide | Elyon

Before you start your adventure in Elyon there are a few things you need to know.

In this Beginner’s Guide we gather some helpfull information that will guide you into this massive and fascinating new world of Elyon.

Elyon Classes and Factions

First of all, you will have to choose a Faction and a Class.


In Elyon’s world you have two factions to choose from: Ontari and Vulpin

Ontary are practical and reasonable, Vulpin fighting for their cause with honor.

Please remember that once you select one faction, you cannot create a character in the other.


There are 5 playable classes:

Click in each class name to learn more.

My Character is stuck, what should I do?

If your character is stuck, you can escape by using the main menu [ESC] → Escape.

If escape is not possible through this method, click the [Game Feedback] button in the upper right corner of the game.

If you submit the [Bug/Error] section in the [Can’t Move] category, the staff will help you quickly.

[TIP] When using Escape, there is a use time of 20 seconds and a reuse time of 20 minutes.

Elyon Beginner's Guide | Stuck Character | Escape

What are the achievements?

Achievements (J) is where you can see a basic guide to the core contents of Elyon at a glance.

You can earn rewards every time you complete various achievements that fit the topic.

It is recommended to proceed slowly from the beginning and pay atention, as it contains a guide of the core contents of Elyon.

[TIP] You can only get achievements that are not locked, and when you reach the previous achievement, the lock of the next achievement disappears.

What is Artifact Power?

Artifact power are points used to add various effects to your skills (K).

Through Artifact power, you can convert the skills you want to use into a form suitable for both PVE and PVP situations.

The higher the Artifact Power, the more diverse combinations of skill settings are possible.

What are Rune Stones and Rune Characteristics?

Runestones are items that can be attached into the equipment items to increase different abilities, and can be obtained through quest rewards, training grounds, and hunting.

Runes have a total of 7 colors and 4 abilities, each with a different effect, and each stage has a rune characteristic point.

▲ Rune Stone has four abilities: HealthArtifact PowerAccuracy and Evasion.

Balanced Runes can be installed in all Runes slots, and it does not have Runes Points, but has two abilities.

Rune Talent can activate new Talents according with  4, 8, 16, 28, 44, 64 points, and gain various effects and additional skills.

▲ Check the rune attribute points and characteristics at the bottom of the equipment window (shortcut I) or through the rune characteristics window (shortcut U).

For more information on Rune Stone,  please check the [Rune Stone Guide].

Equipment and how to strengthen it

Equipment items in Elyon are divided into five classes and two types.

Item Grade

Normal  Advanced Rare Hero Legend

The higher the rank, the higher the item level and maximum stats.

Equipment classification

Items are divided into general equipment and breakthrough equipment, and breakthrough equipment items have higher stats than general equipment items.

Icon Tipe Description
General equipment Items that are not destroyed even when reinforcement fails
Breakthrough Equipment Items that perform better than normal equipment items, but are destroyed when reinforcement fails

Equipment enhancement can be progressed through the ‘Gear Enhancement Master’ NPC.

Enhancement stones are consumed as a material when upgrading equipment, and there are three types of upgrade stones.

Depending on the type of Upgrade Stone, you can upgrade up to +3 at a time, and the Golden Enhancement Slot has a higher chance of strengthening than the normal Enhancement Slot.

[TIP] We recommend using high-grade upgrade stones for the golden enhancement slot.

How do I enchant it?

Enchanting is a system that allows you to additionally grant special stats for each part of the equipment, and you can proceed through the ‘Mage’ NPC in each village.

To proceed with enchanting you will need ‘Rune Powder‘ and ‘Rune Grinding Stone‘, and the grade and number of consumables vary depending on the equipment grade.

In addition, equipment with +5, +10 or higher enhancement can be given a special effect that gives additional Rune Stone points.

[TIP] If you click View Details in the enchanting window, you can check the various stats that can be given to the equipment.

How do I change the rune stone slot color?

If you want to change your equipment Rune’s slot colos, you can try a re-grant. You will need equipment from the same part to re-rol your Rune’s slots. The equipment used for the re-rol will ne consumed and don’t forget that it applies probabilistically!

This feature will re-rol all rune’s slots, quantity and colors.

Elyon Beginner's Guide | Rune's Slots

[TIP] You can use low grade equipment and equipment of other classes for re-granting runestone slots.

What is the laurel wreath of blessing?

The Laurel wreath of blessing is a buff that allows you to obtain additional item drop.

Laurel wreath of blessing effect lasts for 30 minutes and the buff disappears upon death.

You can obtain this buff from the old laurel wreaths hidden in the hunting grounds, the silver blessing laurel wreath that can be purchased using ‘shiny laurel wreath pieces’, and the golden blessing laurel wreath.

Use the laurels and obtain various blessings to get a little more rewards when hunting the field.

▲ You can purchase a silver/gold blessing laurel wreath with a shining laurel wreath. You can purchase the golden laurel wreath of blessing only if you have a certain honor score.

How can I defeat a Boss?

You can summon a field boss it by acquiring ‘Breath of ~’ while hunting monsters in the area where the field boss is located.

You can check the location of the field boss by zooming in on the map (M). You can wake up the field boss by consuming the ‘Breath of ~’ item.

[TIP] Even if only one of the party members uses the ‘Breath’ item, all party members can obtain rewards.

How to increase the item level

The item level is the average value of the item you are currently using.

The item level can be increased by enhancing equipment, equipping a rune stone, or upgrading the rune stone you are wearing.

What is Sephirot system?

Sephirot is a new system to further strengthens Elion’s skills customization.

▲ Sephirot icon.

You will unlock the Sephirot system wit a [Story] quest at Lv. 35. The Sephirot system tree will be available and you will have to choose one of the three Sephirot branches to start.

Once you choose you can only move forward and you can make your way into the diferent branches.

Elyon Sephirot System

How can I use the ultimate skill?

In Elion, there are super skills in addition to the basic skills that can be learned through the ‘Skill Book’.

The ultimate skill can be used when activating the ‘attack-type ultimate’ and ‘defense-type ultimate’ characteristics of the Sephirot ‘Spirit’.

▲ The ultimate skill can only be used with either offensive or defensive skills.

How do I join a clan?

There are two ways to join a clan.

You can apply to join the clan you want through the main menu [ESC] → Clan registration, and you can join after the clan leader approves you.

You can receive a clan invitation from the clan master. In this case, you can proceed to join the clan after checking the main menu [ESC]  → clan registration  →  received invitation list . 

How do I add a friend?

You can add a friend through the main menu [ESC] → friends → friends Request → Add friends.

▲ You can send friend requests friend by using the character name/account name.

How to recruit a party/raid

You can register and start recruitment through the main menu [ESC] → Party/Raid Recruitment 

[TIP] Party/raid recruitment is automatically promoted through the party search chat window, and you can send a promotional chat by clicking on the recruitment promotion.

▲ You can recruit an specific class when recruiting for party/raid.

What is skill smart lock-on?

Smart lock-on is a useful option when using skills that require lock-on targeting.

In general, the skill that requires lock-on targeting is selected by pressing the shortcut key of the skill and then locking the target. You need to left-click again to apply the skill.

However, if Smart Lock-On is selected, you can lock on the target by holding down the skill shortcut and rotating the camera left or right. 

As soon as you release the shortcut, the skill is automatically used.

How to distinguish aggressive mobs

In order to see which mobs are agressive, you can set the options: Environment setting [O] → UI → Npc (hostile) → Name display → Always. This way, the aggressive monster’s name is displayed, and the monster with the red name is the first to attack.

▲ Aggro is also spread to non-aggressive monsters near by when you attack the mob.

How to hide matching notifications

Setting [O] → Game  → If you check «Do not display battlefield notification messages for 1 hour», matching notifications are not exposed.

How to recover your experience after death

Each village has a [Experience Point Recovery Fee] that allows you to restore experience points.

If you have [Death EXP Recovery Order], you can recover lost EXP through the EXP recovery fee.

What if the character dies again and the experience value decreases further?

In that case, it is impossible to recover the previously lost experience.

If experience is lost, we recommend that you restore it as quickly as possible  .

※ You cannot level up by recovering EXP.

What is Vitality?

Vitality is a resource consumed when conducting life-related content such as recollection and crafting.

You recover 5 points every 10 minutes while connected to the game, and 1 every 10 minutes when you are offline.

[TIP] Using a bonfire, bed, or ‘Vitality Lounge Chair’ in your house increases the amount of Vitality recovery.

How to glide

When falling from a high place, you can glide down by pressing the Spacebar key, if you have the gliding gear equiped, of course.

If you press [(Ctrl) + (Spacebar)] to use the rocket jump, you can glide even on flat ground.

What is the Encyclopedia?

The Encyclopedia can increase the abilities of various items and characters by registering items obtained through quests and hunting.

Collectibles can be checked in [Main Menu] → [Collection Book]. If you have a collection item that can be registered, the Collection Book icon is activated at the bottom right of the screen.

[TIP] Collection encyclopedia reward items are sent to the mailbox.

What is Magapgi?

Magapgi is a vehicle that can be summoned and boarded in battle.

You can summon and board it in specific PVP content, such as Realm vs Real and other PVP battles.

This Magical armor has stronger attack power and defense than the character, and unique skills can be used.

It is a vehicle that can be strategically operated in various ways.

[TIP] In faction battles, you can strategically use tank type armor and support type armor.

Housing system

After you complete a quest, you will get a private house.

Inside the house, there is a warehouse where you will be able to store items, a crafting table that can produce various items, and a production facility that can elaborate gathered items.

Housing is divided into general housing and luxury housing.

Tipes Details
General housing You obtain your own house when you complete the quest [First Step to Pioneering], and it is a instanced house.
Luxury housing There are private houses located throughout Haas, you can visit the houses and sign a contract using the ‘Luxury Housing Guide’.

[TIP] If you sign up for a luxury house, you can get a variety of luxury house benefits, including experience buffs, so we recommend that you to sign a contract quickly.

How to use the Trade Market

You can buy and sell items with other players using the trading market by clicking the ‘trade market’ icon in the upper right of the screen.

However, in order to purchase a registered item, you need to make a deposit in advance.

Items purchased using a deposit will be received by mail.

How to turn off the Camera Shake

If the screen shakes during battle and it makes you unconfortable in any way, you can turn of the shake effect.

The intensity of the vibration can be adjusted as follows: Preferences (O) → Game → Direction. The first option seen in the image below regulates the intensity of the camera shake, lower it to 1 to disable vibration or uncheck the checkbox highlighted below, which will completely disable the skills vibrations.

Which skill and artifact should I use?

If you’re not sure which of the many skills and artifacts to use, you can try the recommended preset on the right side of the Skill/Artifact window (K)!

Please try it first, and afterwards you can make your own skill/artifacts preset.

▲ If you hover the recommended preset, it will inform you of the order of use and application method.

What are the Skills/Artifact presets?

Skill/Artifact preset is a function to save the Skills/Artifacts you want.

Different Skills/Artifacts combinations suitable for situations such as PVE and PVP can be saved in advance and changed quickly.

You can set the shortcut key through Environment Setting (O)  →   Shortcut Key  →  Skill/Artifact Preset.

[TIP] Create your own skill settings for each situation through skill/artifact presets!

How to get the extra 5 Skills Shortcuts

Elyon provides 9 basic skill shortcuts and has an ‘Additional Skills 5 slot’ effect.

You can obtain 5 Skills Slots more when wearing equipment.

▲ The main weapon item sold in the «Seal of Honor Shop! has an additional 5 skill slot fixed effect.

What is dimensional exploration?

With the Dimensional exploration you can obtain multiple items by moving to a dimension other than the Haas continent through a portal.

Dimensional exploration can only be used for 1 hour a day, and a small amount of gold is required when using the portal.

The list of dimensions where you can travel can be checked by selecting the map (M) and clicking the dimensional exploration menu.

If you click View Details, you can check information about the dimensional exploration.

What is the [Boss] Judgment Giant in the center of the map?

Judgment Giant is stronger than the existing field boss (which are summoned using breath). 

It is a boss monster that needs to be attacked with a large number of players, 20 or more.

Since it is located in a conflict zone, the raid fight will probably end as a faction battle, so you must unite with your own faction to succeed in the attack.

What is the Hall of Fame?

Hall of Fame consists of a training ground, evil spirits castle, fierce battle gorge, barrage factory, and arena, and is a content where you can experience different PVP battles.

Training ground A 1vs1 Arena with  NPC
Evil spirits castle A 6 players battle royale Arena.
Fierce canyon A battlefield with 3 players teams that must score as many points as possible
Magapgi Factory A battlefield with 3 players teams that must hunt monsters, collect the armor parts, summon the armor, and destroy the opponent’s defense tower using the summoned armor.
Arena An Arena composed of 1 VS 1, 2 VS 2, 3 VS 3, you compete against matched opponents in a limited space.

In he Hall of Fame, you can get a Medal of Fame and various rewards depending on your achievement level.

▲ You can choose the reward you want from a variety of rewards.

Clan Wars

Clan Wars is a content in which 10 clan members form a raid and then battle against other clans through matching.

Clan wars are divided into regular clan wars and competitive clan wars, and competitive clan wars are ranked according to the competition score.

[TIP] Matching is not possible if an important quest (story, guide quest) is in progress among members of the clan war raid.

How to attack the opposing faction?

You can attack the opposing faction with the command Ctrl+B .

However, it is not possible to preemptively attack the opponent’s faction within the opponent’s faction region, so you will only be able to attack once your enemy attack you first.

In other words, if you belong to the Ontary faction and you are in a Vulpin faction area, you must first be attacked by a Vulpine player in order to attack.

[TIP] In the conflicts areas, you can preemptively attack regardless of the faction..

▲ If there is a sword icon in the upper right corner, you can attack the enemy.

How to board a party member’s Airship

If you are within 60m from the party leader summoned Airship, you can board it directly.

If you look at the top of the party window UI, you will find the ‘Go to the party’s airship’ button, press it to enter the airship.

[TIP] You can also control airships summoned by other party members.




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