Clans and Fortresses

Table of Contents

  1. What is Clan and Fortress?
  2. How to unlock it?
  3. Clan War
  4. Clan Missions and Clan Distribution
  5. Clan Research
  6. Leaving a Clan

What are Clans And Fortresses?

Clans and Fortresses are a feature unlocked on the menu where you will have the possibility to join a clan or create your own. Being in a clan will offer you the possibility to participate in clan wars, and if you are a top-tier clan you will be given a fortress! 

Fortress can grant you economic and military benefits, however, clans with fortress need to protect their region and hold the front line against invaders that seek to claim it.

How to unlock it?

In order to unlock Clan and Fortress, you need to talk to the chief commander to undertake the quest, then go and talk to Senior knight Malak and Stronghold captain.

Elyon | Senior knight Malak and Stronghold captain.

After that, you will be able to access the Clan enrollment from the menu:

Elyon | Clan Enrollment Menu

You can then enroll in an existing clan or create your own:

Elyon | Clan Enrollment UI

When you are enrolled in a clan, you will be able to access it from the main menu as shown below:

Elyon | Clan Menu

Clan War

Clan war consists of battles between clans that are competing for the same Fortress. Control the bases on the battlefield to earn points. The first clan to reach 1500 points is the winner. 

You can access Clan war from the Clan tab by clicking on the Clan War section:

Elyon | Clan War Menu

You can see your clan ranking by accessing the Clan War ranking tab: 

Elyon | War Ranking

Depending on your clan ranking you can be granted the Fortress. 

Clan Missions and Clan Distribution

You will have the possibility to cooperate with your clan members to complete missions. Clan missions will reset every day, allowing you and your guild members to participate in new ones.

You can access Clan Missions from the tab shown below:

Elyon | Clan Missions

By participating in missions and activities Clan Gold can be earned. When a clan has earned 10,000 or more Clan Gold and has twenty or more members, the Clan Master can use Clan Guild Distribution to distribute the gold between members.

Clan Gold can be shared between clan members who have spent three days or more active since they have joined the guild. Clan gold cannot be provided for three days after the clan master has changed.

Up to 40% of Clan gold, after deducting a 10% fee, can be designated as the amount to be distributed. The recipient will be taxed according to the amount distributed per person.

Gold distribution must be provided based on positions, and every member’s current contribution will be reset after Gold is provided through the mailing feature.

Clan Research

Clan Research can only be started by the Clan Master, and the items that have been researched will be added to the clan shop.

Elyon | Clan Research Menu

Clan members will be able to purchase the researched items in the clan shop, Clan research items can be changed each week.

Leaving a Clan

When you leave a clan, the contributions you have accumulated in the clan will be reset and
you will not be able to join another clan for 50 hours, so please make your decision carefully.

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