Dimensional Portal Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Dimensional Portal
  2. Dragon Garden
    1. Obtainable Items
  3. Odin’s Sky Isle
    1. Obtainable Items
  4. Black Mecha Basin
    1. Traversing the Hunting Ground
    2. Dark Apostle Air Raid
  5. Exile’s Isle
    1. Obtainable Items
    2. Boss Monster
      1. Mardut’s Warrior
      2. Golden Treasure Goblin
      3. Traitor Mardut
  6. Wraith Monastery
    1. Area Movement
    2. Boss Monster
    3. Exchange Items
    4. Obtainable Items
  7. Abandoned Underground
    1. Boss Monster
    2. Obtainable Items
  8. Sandstorm Valley
    1. Obtainable Items
    2. Boss Monster
  9. Chaos Fortress
    1. How to Chaos Fortress
      1. Defeat the Boss
      2. Occupy the Fortress
      3. After the Fortress Occupation
    2. Obtainable Items
  10. Nousgard Hunting Grounds
    1. The Mighty Sentinel
    2. Boss Monster
    3. Obtainable Items

Dimensional Portal

Dimensional Portals are unique areas where you can acquire rich resources by exploring other dimensions aside from the Harth continent.

Dimensional Portal Guide

▲ Portals that lead to another dimension in the world. 

Dimension Portals are only accessible after completing the related questlines associated with each portal. Because Dimensional Portals lead to a different dimension, you can only access them at specified times. Additionally, the amount of time you can explore within them is limited.
Within these dimensions you can obtain various items, experience, and gold.

Each portal can be accessed by clicking the Dimensional Portal option on the right side of the game screen.
Please note that the type of rewards you can obtain differs depending on the dimension.

※ If you run out of the Dimensional Portal time, you will not be able to enter the Dimensional Portal.

※ Dragon Garden, Odin’s Sky Isle, Sandstorm Valley, and Nousgard Hunting Grounds share Dimension Portal time, and can be used for 1 hour every day. 
※Exile’s Isle, Wraith Monastery, Abandoned Underground, and Chaos Fort share Dimension Portal time, and are available for 10 hours per week. 
※ The Exile’s Isle and Wraith Monastery are only available for single player.
※ Depending on the monster type, you can fight more effectively by enchanting additional damage effects.

Dragon Garden

The Dragon Garden is where the dragon-hunting tribe of Baran visits to elect the «Drakeslayer»—their upcoming great chieftain.

Dragon King Arpiel and his offspring have built and live in a massive palace in this world.<br>Belligerent dragon hunters of Baran constantly gather at the front of the palace to see who can get the closest to the Dragon King.

The Dragon Garden has a spiral structure, and each region has different dragons with different abilities.

On a race to obtain resources unique to the Dragon Garden, the Ontari and Vulpin each formed an alliance with one of the two factions clashing at the Dragon Garden.

The Dragon Garden is an area with ​​Ontari vs. Vulpin faction combat, and is divided into Dragon Garden (Lv.35~41) and Dragon Garden (Lv.42~) depending on the entry level. Please note that you can only enter the Dragon Garden that matches your character’s level.

When entering the Dragon Garden there will be a total of five areas. Each area has a boss monster sleeping within.

The Hunter’s Sanctuary has transportation that allows you to move to the rest of the base, except for the Scorching Hatchery.
※ Through this device, you can quickly move to outwit the opponent’s faction or support the allied faction.

Upon death in the Dragon Garden, you will be returned to the starting point of the Hunter’s Sanctuary.

Alternatively, you can block the opponent’s faction from entering by using the iron gates placed in each area.

Elyon | Dragon Garden

▲ There are various devices and mechanics hidden in each area to discover. Use carefully. 

Elyon | Dragon Garden

▲ The wire mesh that can be seen in the hallway. The flames come up periodically. If you use it well, it can be a deadly asset in defeating your enemies.

Obtainable Items

In the Dragon Garden you can obtain the Dragon Scale currency according to the conditions below.

  • When you defeat a monster in the Dragon’s Garden (Lv.42 or higher) conflict zone (RVR) in the Corridor of Petrification and Shadow Audience Chamber.
  • When you defeat an opponent in the Dragon’s Garden (Lv.42 or higher).

Obtain Dragon Scales and exchange them for various items from the NPCs.

Elyon | Dragon Garden Expedition Shop

Odin’s Sky Isle

Odin’s Sky Isle has been home to different races such as orcs, Barans, harpies, goblins, and humans for a very long time.

Now that the portal has been connected again, it’s possible to deal with the descendants of Harth who moved to the Sky Isle in ancient times.

You can trade items by using Odin’s Coins, which are imbued with special magic that can only be used inside the portal.

Odin’s Sky Isle is divided into several regions, as well as divided into Ontari vs. Vulpin bases.
Each area is blocked by a mana barrier, however you can access these restricted areas with an entry ticket.
※ Poachers’ Forest (RVR) and Bird of Paradise Nest/ Molar Mine Entry Tickets can be obtained by chance when hunting monsters. You can also purchase tickets by exchanging collected coins.

Elyon | Poacher's Forest (RvR) Entry Ticket

Elyon | Bird of Paradise Nest/Molar Entry Ticket

Using the Bird of Paradise Nest/Molar Mine Entry Ticket will move you to a faction specific space. The Poacher’s Forest (RVR) Entry ticket will move you move to the central area where the RvR takes place.

Please note that if you die and resurrect on Odin’s Sky Isle, or use the Escape feature, you will move to the starting point instead of the Harth continent.

Elyon | Odin's Sky Isle Map

▲ An area with a Vulpin base (left) and an area with an Ontari base (right). The center is the area where RVR is available. You can move from the door icon to another area.

Obtainable Items

Mana XP and Coin Fragments can be obtained by hunting monsters in Odin’s Sky Isle.

You can also obtain Red Coin Fragments by hunting in the Poacher’s Forest, an RVR area, or by defeating the opponent’s faction, and you can exchange one Red Coin Fragment for two Coin Fragments.

※ 1 Odin’s Coin =  10 Coin Fragments = 20 Red Coin Fragment 
※ Be careful as Coin Fragments and Red Coin Fragments will be deleted when you leave Odin’s Sky Isle.

Elyon | Odin's Coin Exchange

In addition to Coin Fragments, Secret Supplies and Emergency Rations can be obtained through stealing supplies and food once per day.

Elyon | Supply Crate
Elyon | Ration

When you steal supplies or food, a group of strong monsters will appear.

Secret Supplies and Emergency Rations can then be exchanged for Odin’s Coins.

Elyon | Secret Supply and Emergency Rations Exchange

Black Mecha Basin 

The Black Mecha Basin used to be a small peaceful region where the green forest, animals, and plants grew and lived in harmony.

However, machine contamination started to spread out within the basin, turning those lives that failed to escape into machine monsters.

Once it was discovered that this machine contamination was the same as the one at Harth, the Ontari and Vulpin dispatched their researchers to investigate how to control the mechanization.

In order to discover mechanization control techniques as fast as possible, samples obtainable only from the Black Mecha Basin are necessary.

The researchers are waiting for someone to get more samples to ensure their camp’s victory.

The Black Mecha Basin is a level-up specialized Dimension Portal.

When compared to monsters of the same level, you will obtain approximately 50% of the mana experience, but you can acquire twice the amount of level up experience in comparison to similarly difficult areas.
※ All areas are Neutral Zones, so you can hunt relatively safely. 

Traversing the Hunting Grounds

When entering the Dimension Portal you will arrive at your faction’s research base. You can be teleported to a random place in the area by clicking the Hunting Ground’s Transport Device.

Conversely, if you want to move from the Hunting Grounds to the research base, use the
Research Base Transport Device or use the Black Mecha Basin Return Scroll purchased from the general merchandiser.

Dark Apostle Air Raid

When you kill monsters in the Black Mecha Basin, you will see an announcement that a large scale air raid will begin. This message will also be displayed on the minimap.

Air raids occur simultaneously in 7 locations. A portal opens in the area when the mini event starts, and many monsters appear nearby.
Defeat the monsters that are constantly summoned to gain massive amounts of experience.

Exile’s Isle

A long time ago, Mardut contributed to the founding of the kingdom of Solum with his fighting skills and wisdom. Though he was a general who was respected and trusted as a founder, he had his own ambitions.

Wanting to become king of the Solum Kingdom, Mardut became immersed in the power of black magic and formed an immortal army to revolt. Fortunately, the rebellion was suppressed and Mardut fled to his territory beyond the dimensional portal. However, the Investigation Team that came back from the portal brought some shocking information. Mardut’s black magic is still thriving, and he’s plotting to become the king of Harth by turning the residents and soldiers into Undead.

When Mardut returns, the people of Harth are bound to suffer from his tyranny and black magic again. We must stop Mardut and his Undead legion as soon as possible.

On the Exile’s Isle, you can barter using special currency called Isle’s Energy.

The Exile’s Isle is a place where Neutral and Conflict Zones both exist.
Please note that if you die and resurrect while inside the portal, you will resurrect at the starting point, not the Harth continent.

※ The white part of the map is the Neutral Zone, and the red part is the Conflict Zone. 

Obtainable Items

On the Exile’s Isle, you can get items called Mana XP and Isle Energy when you defeat monsters.
※ Please note that the Isle Energy is an item that is lost when exiting the Dimensional Portal.

You can collect 20 Isle Energy and exchange it for Isle Essence, collect 50 to exchange for Mana EXP: 1000, or exchange it for Tolerance Runestones.
Isle Energy can be used to purchase various useful items from exploration merchants. ※ You can only exchange up to 100 Isle Energy per week. 

Elyon | Isle Essence Exchange

※ Weekly purchase restrictions apply. 

Boss Monsters

When defeating monsters in an area you can find keys which unlock quests with certain conditions.

Elyon | Exile Key Map

If you mouse over the key icons on the minimap, you can check the number of keys remaining.
※ When all remaining keys are obtained, the key icons disappear.

Mardut’s Warrior

Follow the quests that appear after acquiring the keys to visit the investigation point and interact with [F].

When you defeat the boss monster, you can get Isle Energy and gold that can be exchanged for useful items.

Elyon | Mardut's Warrior - Apparition's | Key Step 1
Elyon | Mardut's Warrior - Apparition's | Key Step 2
Elyon | Mardut's Warrior - Apparition's | Key Step 3

▲ After acquiring the key follow the quest and interact [F] at the investigation point to meet the boss monster.

Golden Treasure Goblin

In addition, if you find a treasure chest while killing monsters on the Isle of the Exile you can obtain the Golden Treasure Goblin Kill Quest.

Elyon | Golden Treasure Goblin

▲ When you find a pickaxe you can interact with [F] and then interact with the treasure chest at the designated location [F] to meet the goblin.

If you defeat the Golden Treasure Goblin you will obtain a Golden Scroll that will teleport you to a Treasure Room.

Traitor Mardut

During monster hunting, you can obtain the Key of Mardut’s Apparition. 

Elyon | Traitor Mardut

You can get the Mardut’s Insignia buff by interacting with the Key of Mardut’s Apparition [F]. With this buff you can talk to the infiltration support guard at the Tigris Consortium to move to Mardut’s Castle.
If you defeat the enemy Mardut, all remaining keys will disappear.

Mardut’s appearance time and items that can be obtained can be checked on the mini map.

Wraith Monastery

No one who remembers the Wraith Monastery in its original state is still alive today.

The only information that’s left is the fact that it was once a peaceful world where devoted monks and believers alike lived in harmony.

And that one day they were all twisted into horrific wraiths due to the influence of a sudden Dimensional Portal and its seeping madness.

Though the Dimensional Portal has been closed, the lingering effects of madness at the Wraith Monastery continue to turn those who dare to visit into demons.

Within the walls of this monastery, where you lose your mind the moment you enter, everybody else is nothing but another enemy you must defeat.

The Wraith Monastery is a Dimensional Portal that is an entirely PvP zone where all other adventurers are enemies. Neither Party nor Raid can be formed.

When adventurers enter the Wraith Monastery, they become Demons.
※ Demons: All adventurers are collectively marked as Demons and all entities are targetable except for NPCs in the base or merchants wandering inside the Wraith Monastery.
※ The spawn zone is a Neutral Zone. Items cannot be used.
※ If you die at the Wraith Monastery you will resurrect at the spawn zone.
※ When an adventurer is Stealthed inside the Wraith Monastery, the Wraith Bind effect is applied, which greatly reduces movement speed.

The NPC located in the spawn zone sells useful items within the Wraith Monastery.

The main items to be sold are the Wraith Monastery Warp Scroll and the Wraith Monastery Base Return Scroll, which are teleport items that can be used during battle.

Elyon | Wraith Monastery Warp Scroll
Elyon | Wraith Monastery Base Return Scroll

Area Movement

The Wraith Monastery consists of a total of 4 regions, excluding the starting point. They are as follows:

• Order of Movement: Fanatic’s Chapel<> Forgotten Sanctuary<> Wailing Corridor <> Heretic Hunting Grounds

Elyon | Wraith Monastery Area Movement

▲ Mouse over the minimap [N] to see the + (cross) sign, and click to see the underground movement path.

You must acquire a Key to move to the area.

Elyon | Wraith Key

When the key appears, a system message is displayed in the center of the game screen that lasts for 5 minutes regardless of whether it is acquired or not. After checking the location of the key on the minimap [N], you can travel to the key, which is used to access the next area.

※ Please note that if you interact with the key [F] and hold it without dying until the expiration time (5 minutes) after acquisition, it will automatically move you to a random location in the next area.
You cannot acquire additional keys while you are in possession of a key.

Acquired keys are dropped upon death, and dropped keys can be acquired by other adventurers.
※ If you right click the key icon and put it down, you cannot obtain the key for a certain period of time. 

Boss Monster

When you kill a monster in the fourth area, the Heretic Hunting Grounds, you may see a door-shaped icon on the minimap [N].

When you move to that location, you can interact [F] to discover a Secret Graveyard that you can enter.

Elyon | Wraith Cementary Door

▲ The Secret Graveyard disappears about 5 minutes after the entrance appears, so move quickly.

When you enter the Secret Graveyard, you can obtain a mission that can be performed once a day and meet the Nameless Knight Captain, a boss monster.
You can get 10 Heretic’s Badges by defeating the Nameless Knight Captain.

Exchange Item

In the spawn room, you can trade with an NPC to purchase Secret Notes.

Elyon | Wraith Monastery Secret Exchange Shop

Secret Notes can be exchanged for various useful items from NPCs wandering inside the Wraith Monastery.
※ Please note that all Secret Notes will disappear if you leave the Wraith Monastery.

Each region sells different items, and the more you bring with you to the next room, the better items you can purchase.

Obtainable Items

In the Fanatic’s Chapel and the Forgotten Haven, you can only obtain mana experience from monsters, but when you arrive at the Wailing Corridor and the Heretic Hunting Ground, you can obtain a currency called Heretic’s Badge.

The Heretic’s Badge is an item that does not disappear even if you leave the Wraith Monastery, and it can be exchanged for various useful items at the exploration NPC located outside the Dimensional Portal.

Elyon | Wraith Monastery Heretic's Badge Exchange Shop

Abandoned Underground 

The Abandoned Underground Temple was created with the joint forces of the dwarves and goblins, with the goblins following the dwarves’ lead.

The Chaos Stone they discovered was a potent power source that allowed the dwarves and goblins to accumulate significant wealth.

However, the Chaos Stone came with the risk of causing a Dimensional Chasm when mishandled, and they ended up awakening the monsters in the abyss underneath the mountains.

The temple was abandoned after countless casualties, the dwarves and goblins blaming each other for the disaster while seeking an opportunity to monopolize the Chaos Stone.

The Abandoned Underground is an RVR area for Ontari vs. Vulpin faction clashes, and is a world consisting of a total of 9 zones.
Each area is arranged in a 3×3 shape, and a petrified boss monster resides in each area.
※ If you die in an Abandoned Underground, the death experience penalty is not applied. 

In addition, the Chaos Stones placed in each area are a kind of Relic which can be claimed for your faction by interacting with it [F].

※ Even Relics occupied by the opposing faction can be acquired through interaction [F]. 

Elyon | Chaos Relics

▲ Relics occupied by each camp. You can receive buffs when you arrive in a relic area occupied by your faction. 

Boss Monsters

In order to summon the boss monsters in each area, you must claim the relics in the shape of a bingo.
The boss at the intersection of the bingo is unlocked from Petrification. 

▲ After completing the two lines the boss monster’s petrification is removed (bottom right).

Also, if you defeat the boss monsters in 8 areas except the middle area through the above bingo system, you can meet the final boss of the Abandoned Underground.

Elyon | Erebon

▲ Erebon awakens from the abyss in the central area. 

Obtainable Items

If you defeat monsters in the Abandoned Underground, you can obtain Abandoned Temple’s Stone Slab Fragments. Collect twenty and exchange them for the Complete Temple Records, a currency which can be used to purchase various valuable items.

Elyon | Abandoned Underground Temple Token Exchange

※ Please note that the Abandoned Temple’s Stone Slab Fragments will be lost when you leave the Abandoned Underground. 

You can purchase various items such as Upgrade Stone Pieces using the Complete Underground Records.

Elyon | Abandoned Underground Temple Records Exchange Shop

Sandstorm Valley

The Sandstorm Valley is desolate and barren as its name suggests. This world, full of sands and rocks, is inhabited by groups of cliff insects that feed on animals that come near the armored insects and rocks, as well as by Beelzebubtah, the monarch of all insects.

Despite being a place where it is hard to do farming, people are carrying on with their lives.

Some of these people are the Gray-rock orcs who used to live between the rocks and the Red-branch gnomes who used to live by getting saps from cactuses and dried trees.

However, these two races could not get along well as their habits and nature differed, and are now fighting over the ownership of the Dune Boulder Crystals and Mysterious Sands that allow them to find the water veins.

At the Sandstorm Valley, one can barter with the two races using the Dune Boulder Crystals and/or Mysterious Sands.

The Ontari and Vulpin compete to acquire the rare resources, with the former supporting the Red-branch gnomes and the latter the Gray-rock orcs.

Sandstorm Valley is a Dimensional Portal inside the Mana Wall, and only adventurers Lv. 45 or higher can enter.

It is a place where the Neutral Zone and the Conflict Zone (RVR) coexist. In the Conflict Zone, you can battle with the enemy faction, and in the Neutral Zone, you can only battle if you choose to enter PvP mode by pressing CTRL+B.

When hunting in Sandstorm Valley a moving sandstorm appears, so it is recommended to hunt while moving rather than hunting in one area.
※ Unlike Odin’s Sky Isle, you can move to the Neutral Zone of ​​each faction.
※ Please note that if you die and resurrect from the portal you will be resurrected at the starting point, not the Harth continent.
※ The White part of the map is the Neutral Zone, and the Red part is the Conflict Zone.

Elyon | Sandstorm Map

Each faction’s residence is a safe area where you cannot take damage even if attacked by enemy factions.

Elyon | Arbitration of the Gulch

Please note that if you climb or get close to high terrain throughout the Sandstorm Valley, you will be bitten by the flesh-feeding cliff insects and your HP will slowly decrease.

Elyon | Flesh Eating Cliff Bug

Obtainable Items

You can obtain Dune Boulder Crystals by defeating monsters in the faction area of ​​Sandstorm Valley. 
The Conflict Zone (RVR) is a hunting ground that recommends a three-person party, and battles with other factions can occur. You can obtain Refined Dune Boulder Crystals by killing monsters or opponents.
※ Please note that Dune Boulder Crystals and Refined Dune Boulder Crystals are all lost when exiting the Dimensional Portal.
※ You can also obtain Mysterious Sand in Conflict Zones.

Twenty Dune Boulder Crystals can be exchanged for one Mysterious Sand. Mysterious Sand is a currency that can be exchanged for useful items.

※ You can only exchange up to 125 Mysterious Sands per week. 

Elyon | Done Boulder Crystal for Mysterious Sand Exchange
Elyon | Sandstorm Valley Mysterious Sand Exchange Shop

※ With Mysterious Sand, you can purchase various items with weekly purchase restrictions.

Boss Monster

Under certain conditions the boss monster Beelzebubtah, appears in Sandstorm Valley. When it appears, an earthquake occurs, and a notification will be sent to all players within Sandstorm Valley.

After Beelzebubtah appears, he travels around the Conflict Zone (RVR).

Elyon | Beelzebubtah

▲ You can defeat Beelzebubtah in the Conflict Zone (RVR), and rewards will be given to the last faction that hits him. Rewards can be acquired once a day. 

In addition, please note that another boss monster, Sand Patroller Beelzebluh, can appear with a low probability when killing normal monsters.

Chaos Fortress

The Chaos Fortress is an immense fortress built by the people of ancient Harth to keep the Black-blood mercenaries who were once called the «Chaos Forces» and the trolls in check.

When the ancient people realized the Chaos Forces were planning to invade Harth through the portal, they tried to stop the enemies by setting a powerful relic in the middle of the fortress that has both inner and outer castle structures.

Time has passed since the ancient people fell, and now the Chaos Fortress and its surrounding regions are under the occupation of the Black-blood mercenaries and trolls.

The portal has opened once more, and the Ontari and Vulpin are trying to get hold of the ancient people’s relic placed in the middle of the fortress, based on the ancient records. The two factions have installed their stronghold to capture the fortress and are bringing siege weapons into the portal.

In order to capture the Chaos Fortress, one must escort the ally Lieutenant Commander to defeat the Chaos Forces, obtain the Chaos Fragments and Essence, and take the ancient relic.

Chaos Fortress can be accessed fro inside the Mana Wall, and only by adventurers Lv.45 or higher.

It is divided into a Neutral Zone and a Conflict Zone (RVR). You can battle the enemy faction in a Conflict Zone while in a Neutral Zone you can only battle if you activate PvP by pressing CTRL+B.

How to Chaos Fortress

A short guide on how to conquer the Chaos Fortress will be as follows:

Defeat the Boss.

1. When you kill a monster in a fortress in a Conflict Zone (RVR), a message indicating that the master of chaos has appeared will flash across your screen.

2. If you move to the center of the fortress, you can see that the fortress door which was closed until now is open.

3. Defeat Clarnot, the Master of Chaos, and create a foundation to occupy the fortress by accessing relics.


Elyon | Chaos Boss Entrance
Elyon | Chaos Boss

▲ The last faction that hits the boss can obtain rewards. (Limited to once per day)

Occupy the Fortress

When you defeat Clarnot, a notification message appears in the channel for the Chaos Fortress, and
the legionaries of both sides start moving to occupy the empty fortress.

You can escort a friendly faction’s Lieutenant Commander, move your fortress to a safer position or interfere with the opponent’s progression.
※ Please not it is possible to occupy the positions listed here, as is indicated by the mini-map. 

※ Adventurers near allied/enemy corps Lieutenant Commanders can get gold or silver coins depending on the success or failure of the event during the escort.
※ During the escort event, if a faction has completed the event, the other faction will automatically fail. 

After interacting with the flag placed in front of the opponent’s camp [F], you can capture the position after a certain period of time.
If the opponent’s faction interacts [F] with the flag again before it is fully captured, the capture will fail.

Elyon | Fortress Capture

After Occupying the Fortress

After a faction has captured the fortress, an additional Buff is applied to nearby friendly adventurers.

Elyon | Fortress Buff

▲ When you defeat a monster, you can additionally obtain Chaos Fragments, and a buff that lasts for 10 minutes.

Obtainable Items

By defeating monsters in the Chaos Fortress, you can obtain Mana EXP and Chaos Fragments items.

You can collect 30 Chaos Fragments and exchange them for Chaos Essences.
You can exchange Old Gold/Old Silver Coins earned from escorting an allied legionary for Chaos Essences.
※ Chaos Essences and Old Gold/Silver Coins are all items that are lost if you leave the Dimensional Portal.

Chaos Essences are a currency used to purchase various useful items from exploration NPCs. You can obtain a maximum of 115 Chaos Essences per week.

Elyon | Chaos Fortress Chaos Fragment Exchange Shop

Nousgard Hunting Ground

The Nousgard Hunting Grounds is a fertile world created by the goddess of sun Solaris and the goddess of moon Lunaris.

The two goddesses, born from the flow of mana, created a green forest and a stream where their creations could live in peace.

Nevertheless, the goddesses envied each other’s talent and started to compete for who could create more powerful, skilled, wise beings. The goddesses’ creations also competed against each other to hunt powerful sacrifices to be offered up to their creator and win her favor.

Time passed and those who served Solaris were called «Red Lion hunters» while those who served Lunaris were called «Azure Wolf hunters.»

Upon stepping into these Hunting Grounds, the Ontari and Vulpin have been forging alliances and aiding the competition between the hunters as the two factions believed it is no coincidence the animals that symbolize them are the same as the ones by which the hunters are called.

Offer up bigger, more powerful sacrifices to be blessed by the goddess.

That’s the only way to secure more resources than the opposing faction.

Nousgard Hunting Grounds can be entered by adventurers Lv. 47 and above.

Nousgard Hunting Grounds are divided into a Conflict Zone (RVR) located on the left and a Neutral Zone occupying the center and right. Various animal-type monsters appear.
※ Please note that if you die and resurrect from the portal, you will be resurrected at the starting point, not the Harth continent.

Elyon | Nousgard Hunting Grounds Map

▲ If you mouse over each icon you can check detailed information, as well as the location of the collection exchange.

The Mighty Sentinel

In the Neutral Zone, a Mighty Sentinel appears and patrols the interior.

Mighty Flowers grows where the Mighty Sentinel passes, and you can obtain a buff that increases damage to animal-type monsters through using it [F].

Elyon | The Mighty Sentinel

※Mighty Power can be stacked up to 5 times. 

Boss Monster

Special boss monsters appear in each area of ​​Nousgard Hunting Grounds, and after a certain period of time after the boss monster appears, the local NPC will notify you.
▲ You can get a hint of where the boss appeared through the directions in the dialogue. 

When a boss monster is defeated, a Soul appears as an object. If you dedicate it to the goddess of each faction after acquisition a special buff is applied to all personnel in the vicinity of the base.

Elyon | Boss Monster

Obtainable Items

You can obtain Nous Beast Leather by killing various monsters in the Nousgard Hunting Grounds, and Nous Beast Tooth by defeating monsters or opponents in the RVR area.
※ Care must be taken as the leather and teeth of the Nous beasts are deleted when leaving Nousgard’s Hunting Grounds.

Elyon | Nous Beast Leather for Great Hunter's Badge Exchange

※ Nous Beast Leather can be exchanged for the Great Hunter’s Badge, and Nous Beast Teeth can be exchanged for Legendary Hunter’s Badge or Runestones.

The Great Hunter’s Badge and Legendary Hunter’s Badge from the exchange NPCs can then be exchanged for various other items.

Elyon | Nousgard Hunting Grounds Great Hunter's Badge Exchange Shop

※ Depending on the content of the update, this game guide may differ from the actual game.


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