What are Dimension Portals? How do I get to them, and what rewards do I get for doing them?

Dimension Portals are a special place that you can go to at certain levels. They open 3 times per day in one hour blocks that don’t overlap.

Dragon Garden

(Lv. 35)

12:00 – 13:00 16:00 – 17:00 20:00 – 21:00
Wraith Monastery

(Lv. 38)

13:00 – 14:00 17:00 – 18:00 21:00 – 22:00
Abandoned Underground Temple

(Lv. 42)

14:00 – 15:00 18:00 – 19:00 22:00 – 23:00
Isle of the Exiled
Fortress of Chaos

All times in KST or server time.

They are only open at specific times each day in 1 hour windows.

You are allowed 10 hours per week inside Dimension Portals. This resets on weekly reset, Wednesday at 6 AM PST.

You can access Dimension Portals by clicking on the Elyon-symbol underneath your mini-map. This will open up a list of the Dimension Portals, their rewards, and a button to fast-teleport to any of them for Gold.

Additionally, in order to enter a Dimension Portal, you must pay a fee. This fee is determined by the occupying guild that currently controls this Dimension Portal territory.

Dimension Portals are unique instances which can house a large number of players with a unique objective in them. They have a high density of mobs which generally provide better EXP and often a currency that is used to redeem for rewards.

Dimension Portals are an open PK zone. Meaning other players that you encounter may be hostile and try to kill you. In some cases, this will drop your Dimension Portal currency that you’ve been farming for them to loot.

As the rewards are quite high for Dimension Portals and the mobs are great for grinding, you should maximize your time in them because you cannot stay in them indefinitely. You only get a limited amount of time in Dimension Portals.

Party rules are unique per Dimension Portal as well. In the level 35 Dimension Portal you can party up with your friends. However in the 38 Dimension Portal, you can’t party up with friends and everyone is an enemy to everyone. However, there will still be collusion of course.

What kind of PVP game modes are there? How do I partake in RVR (realm vs. realm)?

Instanced PVP Quick Glossary:

  • Training – Battle against NPCs. Earn small rewards for each stage cleared. Doesn’t use PVP energy.
  • Special PVP – 6 player FFA and 3v3 PVPVE (complete PVE objectives while PVPing the enemy party), 2 types. These require you to level a bit more to participate in.
  • Arena PVP – Exactly as it sounds. Arena-based fights. Can queue as premade. Requires level 35 to queue.
  • Trophy of Honor – Earn trophies for your first victory of the day in each arena.
  • Battle Pass – Win matches to earn progress towards the chosen battle pass reward.
  • Queue Button – This is how you queue. You can queue premade for all Arena PVP and 3v3 PVPVE modes.
  • Battle Pass – Access the battle passes from this tab.
  • Leaderboards – I’m lazy and didn’t highlight it, but it’s the lone blue button on the right side of the image.

The following isn’t considered instanced PVP:

  • Faction Siege (20v20? 25v25?)
  • Clan Wars (10v10)
  • Realm vs. Realm (150v150)
  • Open World Conflict (organized open world battles between two faction posts)
  • Open World
  • Dimension Portal
  • Elysion (server vs. server)

No PVP game mode has equalized/balanced stats.

Most of these game modes have leaderboards. This game does not have an ELO system for the arena, but it does have a rating system for Clan Wars. There is also an honor leaderboard for faction vs. faction, with the highest ranking players obtaining special titles and special rewards for representing their faction. Honor is, as you could guess, obtained from killing enemy faction members.

For most of the instanced PVP, you are limited by an energy that replenishes over time. This number can be seen on the UI that you use to access PVP. It will go down for every loss and every victory, but you lose much more for every victory.

The 800 is how much PVP energy I have left for instanced PVP like arena. It replenishes slowly over time. Wins drain more of this number than losses.

For participating in instanced PVP, you earn rewards based on which battle pass you choose. You get a bunch of battle passes with different reward tiers that you unlock as you win more (losing barely gives you anything). You can freely switch tracks at any point, and once you complete a track you can just pick a new one to work on.

Select your battle pass you want to work on. Win games to gain progress on them. Switching battle passes mid-progress saves your progress on them.

Realm vs. Realm is scheduled at specific times. You need to enlist in either of the two battlefields that pop up on the right side of the screen. These are for two different conflicts going on in different parts of the world.

You must sign up before it reaches over capacity. You are signing up for the 150 enlisted PVPers for your faction.

Once you are teleported to the open world conflict area, the objective is to defeat the other faction in terms of score. You gain rewards for participating in defeating NPCs, objectives, and other players, which determine which rewards you get out of the Realm vs. Realm. The most important thing is to tag the enemy faction’s commander (HUGE NPC) before it’s defeated since it gives 20,000 personal points towards rewards.

Realm vs. Realm is not instanced. It takes place in the overworld (enlisting just teleports you to that part of the world for the encounter), and passing by players will see the action happening in real time and can participate in it. You can only get rewards though for enlisting at the time that Realm vs. Realm pops.

The entire point of the game is to determine the stronger faction between Vulpin and Ontari. The winning faction travels through the gate ‘Elyon ‘to travel to the promised land Elysion, where they’ll fight against the winning faction of the other servers to bring back rewards to their home server.

There are additionally a few rules about open world war. The world is divided into Ontari zones, Vulpin zones, and conflict zones (owned by neither faction). You can easily identify zones on the world map or above your mini-map by the color of the zone name (red, white, blue). If you enter the opposing faction’s zone, you cannot launch a preemptive attack – only members of that faction can. This prevents ganking players in their safe territories. In conflict zones, either faction can attack preemptively. Both factions have many bases inside conflict zones, so it shouldn’t be mistaken with that.

Should you get ganked by someone, you are allowed to track your killer. You can track up to 10 gankers per 24 hours. Additionally, if you pay some Gold, you can also teleport near them, you vengeful prick.

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