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What classes are there? Which class is ping friendly?

Click on a class name to be brought to the Google Doc of their translated skills and Artifacts by Hypothermia. Note that most of these documents are a little out-of-date, but the general principle of skills is correct.


  • Warlord – Tank class. Mitigation and taunts. Low damage. Attacks slowly with high damage hits.


  • Elementalist – Magic ranged DPS. Ice, lightning, and fire skills. Big AoEs that are well suited for large-scale PVP.
  • Gunner – Physical ranged DPS. High damage, high attack speed.
  • Assassin – Physical melee DPS. High damage, high attack speed. Can play melee or ranged. Has a lot of evasion skills built into its kit, and traditional stealth.
  • Slayer (coming 2021) – Physical melee DPS. Berserker-themed class.


  • Mystic – Healer support class. Low damage. Still does fine in arena PVP. Can be played as a summoner.

Most of these classes will operate fine at higher ping, but the general rule is the faster it attacks, the less ping-friendly it is. Mystic and Warlord are slow attackers which make them easy to play even at 200+ ping. Some classes kind of break (and not in a good way) at higher ping, such as Gunslinger whose LMB string has a bigger delay the worse your ping is. I would avoid classes like Gunslinger and Assassin if you’re expecting 250+ ping, granted they are playable.

Classes are not gender, race, or faction locked. Damage of Mystic and Warlord is (relative to DPS classes of equal gearing and ability) low when bossing but is perfectly sufficient for mob grinding solo.

What makes Warlord a tanky class in this game? It has a blocking skill which reduces some incoming damage, as well as naturally high defenses from armor, and a few other mitigation skills and some taunts. It does not have innate overshields.

What makes Mystic a support class in this game? It’s the only class in the game that can heal and shield others without the use of traits.

Is this a holy trinity game (tank, DPS, healer)?


How many skills are there? How many hotbar slots do I get?

Each class has around 24 or so skills (not sure the exact number). You get 10 hotbar slots including your LMB and your RMB which can be rebound and don’t have to be the default skills that are on them.

There are presets that you can save, and also the game recommends presets if you’re brand new and don’t have a base build to work with.

In addition to each individual skill, each skill has four different Artifacts that can be equipped to modify how the skill operates. These are not physical items that are equipped to the skill, just choices within the skill menu.

There are a few extra skills in addition to these. Each class has ultimate skills which are unlocked as the first node in the Sephirot tree (default hotkey ‘T’). After unlocking these skills, you can use them by generating Source Power. Source Power is accrued upon hitting enemies with your skills, and will decrease when not attacking or exiting combat. Some Sephirot nodes can vary the way in which you generate Source Power. The meter for Source Power is actually a teal border that surrounds the skill on your hotbar (it’s not very obvious the first time you see it).

There are also some bonus skills which can be obtained via the rune attributes, including RNG-based skills from the yellow attributes, and skills which drain your health but have powerful effects in the purple attributes.

Skill resets are free, so you don’t have to worry about messing up a skill build.

What are Artifacts? What are Artifact Points? How do I get more? How do I unlock Heroic and Mythic artifacts.

Artifacts are modifiers for your skills. You’ll be introduced to Artifacts very early on, and you start off with 20 Artifact Points. 

Every time you level up you’ll gain +2 Artifact Points. You can also get Artifact Points from your runes, as well as a few other sources such as the Sephirot tree and rune attributes.

By default, you will have the 1st and 2nd Artifact of every one of your skills unlocked. In order to unlock the 3rd and 4th attribute, you will need to obtain the relevant item which unlocks them. These are from specific quest rewards and field bosses, and you can sometimes find players selling them on the auction house.

Higher costing and higher rarity Artifacts do not necessarily mean they are better Artifacts. You should pick your Artifacts based on what you need out of your build. Some Artifacts are better suited for some builds than others.

If you lose Artifact Points by unequipping runes, and you have too many Artifacts equipped so that you’re over your new cap, it will randomly disable Artifacts from your skills.

You are only allowed to have one Artifact equipped per skill.

You can obtain Heroic Artifact books through a few ways:

  • Quests. Certain NPCs give quests that give you a guaranteed Artifact unlocking item. These quests are usually in the main base (they’re green quests).
  • Field bosses. They can outright drop them.
  • Auction house. Some of them can be sold on the auction house.

We’re not sure where you get the Mythic ones from yet.

In the case of field bosses, you can see them on your world map. When you arrive there, there will be a small altar and usually the world boss as well, but petrified in stone.

Spooky stone boss. Their HP doesn’t scale to nearby players so they’re not recommended to solo.

In order to release the boss, you need a Breath item that drops from nearby enemies at a chance, and use it at the altar. In addition to the Breath items, they can be a good source of upgrading items and other useful items such as Heroic grade equipment and Shock Absorbers. Field bosses have an MVP system that is purely based on damage dealt (sorry Warlords/Mystics), with top contributors getting extra loot.

The breath item looks like this. It has a little portrait of the field boss with the fang looking icon on the bottom-right.

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