Who is in this AMA?

Here today with us are the Executive Producer Hyungjun Kim from BlueHole, our Project Manager Jim and Community Managers Jeroen and Yukimura from Kakao Games. We are happy to answer all questions you have about our game over the next 2 hours, so let’s have a fun chat and enjoy our time together!

Kind Regards,
The Elyon Team


NickR2 – What type of items will be available in the cash shop?

CM_Yukimura At the beginning of the service, you’ll mostly see the classic MMORPG cash shop items – some of them are: pets to help you with loot pick up and give you small miscelleaneous/life buffs, outfits (we have not yet decided whether special bonuses will be given or not), warehouse/inventory slot expansions, and premium buffs like a Value Pack. You will be able to try all of the aforementioned items during the CBT1 – we’re looking forward to your feedback.
– PM Jim

Enigmavp – For me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of any mmorpg is cooperative play. However, sometimes it is necessary to solo play. How easy/difficult is solo play for leveling and quest/storyline progression? Is cooperative play essential for these aspects?

CM_Yukimura You can progress through the game more easily through cooperative play, but it’s also possible to play solo by customizing your skills and making your character stronger. So this way, it shouldn’t be too difficult.
– EP Hyungjun

1- will each class be available in different genders or will each class be gender limited?
2 – Will we have access to flying mounts?
3 -Will guilds have a guild hall (instance for guild members to hang out)
4 -Will we be able to fish in the game?


1 – No limits to gender for each class.
2 – There are no individual flying mounts, but there will be airship content in which many players can board together.
3 – There are no guild halls.
4 – Yes, there is a fishing system. There is also a mini-game you can play through the fishing content, and you can create potions for combat through the fish you catch from fishing. There is also material that you can only obtain through fishing, from which you can craft gear for yourself or to sell to other players.
EP Hyungjun

Embarrassing moment while testing: I wasn’t really awake apparently while fishing for the first time. Had to give a fish to an NPC and tried giving it to CM_Yukimura for 2 minutes until he started laughing at me :’).

snappypants – Will Korean voiceovers be available in the western release?
Really enjoy this as a learner. For example: Genshin Impact was fun with korean voices & english text.

No, it won’t.
– PM Jim

Ophypo6 – Which season of Sephirot are you considering to start with at the release of the game, or it depends solely on the actual time of the year?

We are planning on releasing the closest version to the one being serviced in Korea as possible. The Mana Awakening season will depend on the final build that the EUNA service will launch with, which is yet undecided.
– EP Hyungjun

Darknotical – People have been asking about the overall leveling
experience. Do you think that there will be a quality balance between
new players and experienced?
In other mmorpgs we have always had a huge issue between these two.
Should we expext this to be the same with Elyon.


While you will continue to level up, everyone will eventually be at a similar point in the game. However, we expect there to be a gap between new players and experienced players in terms of the various skill customizations and the know-how to growth methods for characters.
– EP Hyungjun

HexFyber – Thanks for the chance! I’ve been waiting way too long for AI:R/ Elyon to be released in the West!

Many other players have already made interesting questions, so I’ll just come out with what’s left in my mind:

1 – I’m glad to be able to support the project through a B2P business model, but will there be services or items that we can purchase in-game to speed up the progress of our character or gain exclusive advantages over other players?
2 – Will BDO Players obtain any exclusive badge or mount/items given Kakao being the same publisher?
3 – How many players do you plan on inviting through the planned CBT next month?
4 – And what are you performance expectations given the current engine?

1 – At the present time, the full details of the cash shop are not decided, and we’re therefore not able to share our plans with you just yet.

2 – No, we don’t plan on giving exclusive rewards to owners of Black Desert Online.

3 – While I can’t share the exact number, it’s quite a limited amount of invites we’ll be sending after reviewing players’ CBT1 applications. Our goal is to focus on gathering feedback about the game mechanics – a larger scale stress-based test is planned for later.
4 – <will be followed up later>
– PM Jim

awaidmin is there be country based pricing system?

Depending on your location, you will be able to pay in either EUR or USD.
– PM Jim

ZettaMK – Does the game reward exploration? As an example, Guild Wars 2 had hidden jumping puzzles (platforming) to get to chests for those curious enough to go find them and that is something I love.

No, not at the moment.
– EP Hyungjun

StabmanMcStabney104 – Will the balance patch trajectory for PVP follow KR’s footsteps? or will balance patches be adjusted if they’re seen as a massive negative in KR?

Class balance is something the developers are continuously working on, and feedback from EUNA will also play a role in how the balancing evolves.
– PM Jim

Ophypo6 hours ago – Will the western version of the game feature the Gear Shop and Gear2Gold exchange? If so, would it be any substantial differences between what’s in store?

Similar to the cash shop business model, the Gear Shop is something that we’re reviewing and cannot share more concrete information presently.
– PM Jim

Eonbn Will slayer be available for us at release?

Yes, Slayer will be available on release. In fact, it will be available on CBT2!
– PM Jim

1 – Is there any form of PvP ranking system that players can compete in? A ladder to climb perhaps?
2 – What are the PvP rewards like? Worthwhile?

There is a PvP ranking system based on skills, and there will be rewards. You can obtain top-tier gear through PvP, and there are also transformation effects that provide very powerful effects as rewards for ranked players (although it is momentary).
– EP Hyungjun

KalTheStormBlessed – What is your favorite unique aspect of Elyon? What are you, as developers, producers, PMs and CMs, excited to do in the game that differs from what other games bring to the table? This is assuming of course you guys plan to play along with us.

and also is there any partially developed areas, monsters, bosses, dungeons, character classes, quest chains or the like that got scrapped / cut from production that you wish had made it into the game and can you tell us a bit about it?

CM team: we are really looking forward to creating fun events for the community and play/experiment with endless skills combinations.
PM Jim: personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing which guilds rise to the top and the politics that we will see with the competitive nature of the game.
Developers: we think that the various ways in which you can nurture your character, such as through skill customizations, make Elyon unique. Rather than simply changing your skills, you can determine the direction in which you want to take your character, and you can then accordingly select which hunting grounds you want to explore.

Varietyweeb – It’s very important to have low ping in Gaming, Can you confirm all of the servers that’ll be available?

Low ping is definitely one of the most important aspects of any online game, and we will be doing everything we can to provide an experience as smooth as possible. The NA servers will be located in California and the EU ones in Amsterdam. We don’t want to spread out too much as that may lead to lower player populations across regions.
– PM Jim

Serifan – Will there be oceanic servers?

There’s no plan for them currently. Players in the Oceania region will be able to access Elyon via the California data center.
– PM Jim

Pain_in_another_way – Are there plans for more complex PVE related content such as larger raids in the future? at the current moment, people seem to say there aren’t really any difficult raids, so I was wondering if that could change in the future to introduce High level pve content such as Mythic level raids that can be challenging for players to complete?

Not at the moment, but we are looking into it in a positive light. However, when considering content with a high difficulty level, we are thinking of ways in which more players can enjoy themselves together rather than a small number of players.
– EP Hyungjun

ShiKatsuie – What will be different between KR’s cash shop and NA’s?
What patch do you plan on releasing on the day of launch?
Is there any rough idea on how much the most expensive ‘pre-order’ pack will be, given if there is one.
Where will the server be located? As we know some classes are heavily reliant on ping and this would give some insight to those figuring what class to play.
During Launch, will there be things to be time gated to give everyone an opportunity to level / gear up? (e.g Housing unlocked later, dungeons, etc)

Yes, the EUNA cash shop and business model will be different from the KR one.
It’s still a bit early to say which patch we’ll be on on-release, but we intend to be as close to the Korean build as possible.
We’re still working on the pre-orders, more info will follow in a few months.
Amsterdam for EU, California for NA
Undecided, but depending on the content there will be some restrictions. For example, we’re considering starting Realm vs Realm wars at a later time so that everyone can level up and reach a sustainable gear level.
– PM Jim

Ophypo – Are you considering to return Airships, Mechs and Automatons in the game with the interface of their crafting and tuning?

We are aware of the positive community’s feedback regarding the original air combat mechanics for Elyon, although we haven’t discussed this in-depth yet, we may have plans on this for the future.

BladeDancerOP – competitive pvp. will gear be equalized in arena?

While there is a balancing aspect applied to the PvP content, the gap or difference between gear will exist inside PvP. However, we constructed it in such a way that along with the balancing aspect, your controlling skills and/or skill customizations should allow you to overcome the differences in gear.
– EP Hyungjun

KSib – Thank you for taking the time to answer questions today!
After developing the popular action-combat MMORPG TERA, what have you all learned from the years of experience in that title that you hope to showcase and expand upon in Elyon?

The non-targeting combat in Tera was great, but it was also a barrier to entry due to being inconvenient and difficult. Elyon brings in the strengths of the non-targeting combat system from Tera, but then resolves the inconvenience and difficulty that was apparent in Tera. Also, there was a pre-determined way in which a combat would play out for everyone in Tera, but Elyon shifts and expands more towards an individualized combat experience.
– EP Hyungjun

Milliny_Corvus – Will PvP be open world? As in, is there a possibility of being PK’d while questing, grinding, farming, etc?

There is both a PvP which takes place in the open world and also a PvP that takes place inside an instanced location. While PK is possible in the field, we are limiting areas in which essential gameplay, so that it’s not stressful in essential gameplay areas.
– EP Hyungjun

DeathMonkeyXl – Is Elyon Buy to Play? is there a pricing structure available for it?

Elyon is going to be Buy to Play with in-game purchases. We are working to adapt the many areas of Elyon for the western audience.

1 – How many servers per region are planned?
2 – Are there any differentiating rule-sets between servers?

1 – We have not decided yet, but there will be multiple (not a mega server)
2 – There will not be different rulesets (eg. specific language, pvp/pve only, etc)
PM Jim

If you had to pick one thing that we should look forward to with end game gameplay, what would it be?

You can look forward to the wars between each realm in the Dimensional Portal, where you battle over defeating bosses. In addition, there’s also a PvP battle between servers where you can fight to become the ultimate PvP player.
– EP Hyungjun

Nekrage – What is the maximum number of players supported for PvE and PvP content?

For PvP, the max capacity allows for a 100 vs 100 battle, so a total of 200 can participate. For PvE, we currently have 5-player dungeons in the game. Yet in the field or in the Dimensional Portal content, up to 50 players can play together.
– EP Hyungjun

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