Hello everyone!

We had a lot of fun chatting with you during last week’s AMA, therefore, we want to thank you again for your passionate interest and love for Elyon.

In fact, it was so great that we realized we didn’t have enough time to answer all your questions within 2 hours. So we spotted the ones left behind, and today we’re going to share a follow-up to conclude the first Official Elyon AMA.So, without any further ado, have a nice read!

Q: Will Elyon ever be distributed in Russia as well?

A: Yes, but we do not have any specific schedule yet.

Q: Is there a worry that because of the meta shifts basically weekly, it seems there is no stable state in KR? For most of the people I know who play on the Korean server site, this is a Massive issue and the reason why many have lost interest in Eelyon in Korea.

A: We have realized that this was a mistake, so from now on we no longer plan to drastically change the meta and focus more on the current in-game balance from a long-term perspective. Additionally, we will be applying balance changes by adding additional content instead of simply applying new patches. Of course, this doesn’t mean we will take our time to fix current live issues.

Q: Do you consider implementing more competitive small-scale battlegrounds?

Also, the 3v3 Sky Island Competition PVPVE mode (which was later removed after a brief announcement, I guess due to some game resemblance), do you still consider making something like that?

A: We don’t have any plans yet, but if we see that the demand for this is high, we will be considering it. We don’t necessarily think the scale(large or small) of the BG is the most important factor, we are more focused on adding content that is apt to Elyon. FYI, we are currently working on asynchronous PvEvP content and competitive SvS PvP content.

Q: Any plans for Geforce Now support?

A: We have no plans yet.

Q: Are there any confirmed life skills beyond your average gathering and/or fishing? Things like animal husbandry, or gardening? Is it possible to use this to level up your general player level, beyond just fighting and/or questing?

A: Currently no, but we have plans on adding more volume to live skill.

Q: How much character customization can we do without purchasing an appearance change? For example, an NPC that lets you change hairstyles, makeup, and minor stuff like that with in-game currency?

A: The only way to additionally customize the character after it’s created is by using an appearance change item.

Q: Will we be able to invert the camera axis?

A: No, it won’t be possible.

Q: Can you consider getting rid of the vignette effect on the screen?

A: We have no plans for now. However, we do have a function to turn off post-processing.

Q: How large of a PvE focus will there be on content? Will I be looking at a couple of dungeons in the endgame or what can I expect as a primarily PvE player when I reach endgame?

A: As main end-content, we have the RvR battle within dimensional portals, and we are also planning to add an asynchronous PvE competitive content. Various different types of endgame content will be added in the future.

Q: How are you guys tackling the addiction cycle of current MMORPGs? Between dailies, weeklies, resource systems (like Archeage’s labor system that just breeds people multi-logging accounts to get ahead), and more, how will you guys handle players’ feelings as if they’re punished if they do not play every single day?

A: It has its pros and cons. This sort of content can act as a guide for players on what can or should be done, and the rewards for completing these help user engagement. However, we are also aware that doing the same thing on a daily/weekly basis can be boring. We are finding ways to automatize this procedure and expect to have it applied before the official launch in NA/EU.

Q: How many months of gameplay do you estimate an average player needs to obtain the best in slot gear on a fresh character? Asking since I hope it’s less than 5 months

A: We expect 1 month for decent gears and 3 months for top-tier gears. If you plan to go further and obtain BiS gears, this would normally take more time, but the difference between top-tier and BiS gears isn’t that high.

Q: Areas in the north belong to the blue side, and areas to the south belong to the red side.. I was wondering if there are ways that a faction can take over certain zones? Are there benefits for owning a zone?

A: No, it’s not possible to take over certain zones. This could significantly affect the balance between the 2 factions, which we cannot control.

Q: About cooperation, is it possible to play with friends and share loot, quests, craft, house, and more?

A: It’s not possible to share those mentioned above, as everyone will have their own loot, crafting, housing, etc. However, you won’t be losing by playing with friends.

Aaand that’s a wrap. Hope to see you on May 6th on CBT1!

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