Elyon Announces Changes in Equipment and Marketplace

Last week, changes to dungeons and dimensional portals were announced. But before conquering everything, you need to be properly equipped, right? Today we bring you the latest information about equipment and some updates about Mana Awakening and Marketplace.

Obtain new Transcendent Runestones and Knight’s equipment

This time around, we’re introducing a whole new equipment grade! While the newly added «Knight’s equipment» has lower stats than Epic or Legendary gear, we are convinced you still want to be as knightly as possible. This equipment stands out in the regard that it has at least 5 enhancement slots, making it easier to reach higher levels! It can be obtained from the many monsters in Harth and in Dimensional Portals, and we already look forward to the chivalry this will bring to Elyon.

Those same Dimensional Portals, as well as Transcendent Dungeons, can also reward you with brand new Transcendent Runestones. Depending on your level there will be a limit on how many you are able to equip, but what makes them interesting is that they have special abilities. 

The Runestones will help out on being your unique self by giving the following abilities: Barrier Effect, Critical Hit Effect, Skill Attributes, Light Territory, Fire Golem, Fire Enhancement, Threat Decrease, Fire Up, Linked Heal, Lightning Enhancement, DMG Reflection, Lightning Release, Barrier Damage, Movement Block, Sudden Death Defense, Bash Defense, Block Damage and Energy Conservation.

Battle support items and Enchanted Accessories

Once you reach level 40, you are able to use newly added Rune Scrolls. Rune Scrolls are battle support items that automatically trigger certain effects when you meet the required conditions. You must register them to the Rune Scroll book, set trigger conditions, and activate them when you need the effects they have. This gives you even more ways to customize your play and optimize your build.

Your Accessories can get even shinier than they already are! You can now increase your powers by Enchanting those rings and earrings.

Elyon Announces Changes in Equipment and Marketplace

Evolve your gear from Epic to Legendary

Introducing the Equipment Succession System, which allows you to successfully upgrade Epic equipment to Legendary equipment! Equipment available for Succession must be +10 Epic grade or Breakthrough equipment. Once upgraded, your earlier successful enhancements will remain to ensure you can enter all upcoming battles the way you are already used to. Higher enhancement levels require more Succession Stones and Gold. 

A new market system

We’ve heard and shared some of the many concerns about RMT in the game, so during CBT2 we will be testing a new market system. After working alongside Bluehole, we’ve suggested some changes that may help combat this. There will now be a min/max listing price as well as a default price for each item. These values will adjust at intervals and depending on the transaction history of the items.

Easier to awaken your Mana

There are new Mana Awakening skills! Once you have gathered enough Mana Points, selecting the core attributes will now automatically activate the normal attributes in between. We also made the Mana Awakening system easier to use by improving the User Interface.

Source: elyon.playkakaogames.com


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