Elyon Combat Videos and Item Enhancement

Kakao Games released a short video tutorial about the combat system and item enhancement. The game will offer thousands of skill settings, including non-specific ones, as well as artifacts and runes. The video gives more details on this, but only in Korean.

New skills were added to the game that were not available in the PTA. Take Cheol Ongseong, for example, who gives Warlord and his allies the Warlord’s shield effect, as well as the resurrection ability, which allows Mystic to bring fallen allies back into battle.

Also, some changes to class armor were mentioned. Heavy armor used by Warlords has high physical defense, but is vulnerable to magic and shield-breaking attacks. The light armor worn by Assasins and Gunners has high speed but low attack power, while the cloth armor of the Elementalists and Mistycs has high magical attack power but low physical defense. The development team added that the heavy, cloth, and light armor types were balanced like rock, paper, and scissors.

Classes were changed. The Warlord class can now use shields more frequently , and Assassin received new abilities that allow him to deal more melee damage. The rest of the classes also received some changes based on the CBT results. The Mana Awakening system was also shown, allowing you to switch skills.

Elyon will be released on December 10, 2020 in South Korea.
The game will hit the global market in the second quarter of 2021.

Item levels and how to improve them

The video shows different types of equipment quality, the functions of its inlay, enhancement through enchantment, and much more.

Of course, the best items are most effective in battle, but according to the developers, if you use tactics and carefully customize your skills, you can defeat even more powerful opponents with low-level gear (demo at 2:24).

A video tutorial below:


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