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How do I make Gold? Where is the auction house?

Gold is probably best earned from merching and grinding. Grinding is a really good source of Gold, as every time you kill a mob it’ll give you a junk mat whose only purpose is to be sold at an NPC. After a few hours of grinding, you should get a lot of junk mats, some items to sell, or some items to break down for materials which you can either use yourself or sell.

Certain contents also provide raw Gold. For example, the training instance where you fight against NPC classes provides a substantial amount of Gold per stage clear. That training instance can be accessed from the instanced PVP menu, and it does not consume PVP energy.

There’s also lots of content that provides Gold bags for participating in them, and in some cases the amount earned is very high.

Through treasure hunting by obtaining treasure fragments and turning them into a general NPC, you can acquire gemstones which are to be sold as junk to NPCs that have higher Gold value. In some cases (you’ll be introduced to this while questing) you can also find dimensional doors to mini-games which usually have these gemstones as rewards as well.

You can also earn Gold from sending out commerce runs, which sends out goods on trade routes. The value of these goods fluctuate similar to the stock market. There is risk associated with more lucrative trade routes (granted you can purchase insurance). This system is automatic and trade routes are completed after a few hours.

The auction house can be accessed remotely via a button underneath your mini-map.

What are the different currencies other than Gold?

Pioneer Seal: Obtained from repeated quests, world quests (e.g. emergency field boss), and sky hunting. Shop rewards mainly include items that assist with character growth.

Honor Seal: Obtained from faction battle, ranking rewards for honor points, and medals of honor. Shop rewards mainly include items which help win in PVP.

Housing Seal: Obtained through secret dungeons for gathering. Used to purchase items related to housing materials, furniture, and landscaping. Some of which have positive effects on your life skills.

Glowing Laurel: Obtained primarily from events and log-in attendance. A few really useful items here such as the Laurel Wreath of Blessing (+300% drop rate for 10 minutes).

Decoration Tools: Used for customizing your character’s outfits, such as the dye scheme.

Gears: Intermediary cash currency. Can get some from achievements, but primarily obtained via the Cash Shop or the Gold to Gear market exchange. Used to buy a lot of really good stuff, including Luminous boxes.

Rubies: Cash currency strictly.

The first 3 currencies all have specialized shops, but in addition to their shops also have weapon and armor Heroic upgrading stones.

Access any of these shops remotely from the currency inventory tab. Decoration Tools are spent when customizing items and don’t have a shop. The Gears shop can be found in your faction’s stronghold.

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