Elyon | Game and expansion packs go on sale

Kakago Games announced that the game and expansion packs are going on sale.
The announcement was posted on their Steam page and can be read in full below.

After giving you the details about our Ruby Shop, we have more big news to share. Today, we are ready to unveil pre-order packs for Elyon that you will soon be able to purchase on the official website (Steam will update shortly thereafter, and will also have these packs).

Since it’s almost never exciting to pre-order stuff for ‘early next season’, we would like to start this post off with our release date! Elyon will be available for everyone to play on September 29, 2021, with the possibility to dive into it even sooner if you pre-order the game.

Play Elyon for less than 30 dollars/euros!

Elyon’s base game is available to pre-order at the price of 29,99 and already offers some cool extras! Besides the game, you will also be granted access to Elyon’s CBT2, which starts in less than a month! Also, you probably never knew you wanted one, but by pre-ordering the base game you will receive your very own knight cat Pet as an extra!

This exclusive Pet is ready to help out on bringing cat-astrophic defeats to your enemies by being geared up from head to tail. The armor will also ensure it won’t lose any of its nine lives, making it the most convenient yet least petable cat you’ve ever had.

There is more! Our base game also includes the ‘Glorious Wings Wingsuit’, a Hoverboard Mount, a Siamese Cat (more cats equals more awesomeness), 5 Resurrection Scrolls, an in-game title and the ability to create your character early on.

You will also get a 24 hour head start, so you’ll be ready to enjoy Elyon on September 28 instead of September 29!

Additional value with the Expansion Pack or Expedition Pack

We have two additional Packages available to upgrade your pre-order tier with. With the Expansion Package or the Expedition Package, we offer you the ability to start your adventure even sooner than September 28! Let’s see what both packs are about.

After pre-ordering the base game, you’re able to upgrade your pre-order tier with the Expansion Package for 30,00. Along with the opportunity to dive into Elyon an additional 24 hours earlier, you will also receive 1,000 Rubies, a 14-slot Storage Expansion, a 16-slot Inventory Space Expansion, and a Character Slot Expansion Ticket, giving you a total value of 46,00 for 30,00. It includes even more bonuses, but let’s first see what the Expedition Package has to offer!

The Expedition Package costs 40,00 for an actual value of 61,00. It includes 2,000 Rubies, a 30 Days Star’s Blessing Package, a 30 Days General Goods Caller, a 30 Days Storage Keeper Caller and a 30 Days Craftworks Chest. Just like with the Expansion Package, you will also get an additional 24 hour headstart.

If you pre-order either the Expansion Package or the Expedition Package along with the required-to-play base game, you will receive an Exclusive Weapon Pack on top of all the goodness already mentioned. Perfect to finish your enemies off in style!

Get both upgrades for an Exclusive Armor Pack

Can’t decide which pack of upgrades to get? Well, while you are more than welcome to return to upgrade your pre-order tier later, maybe you want to consider getting both the Expansion Package and the Expedition Package for even more extras!

As the owner of all the pre-order options, you will receive our Exclusive Armor Pack on top of everything mentioned above. The red armor colors will make you look even more tough on the battlefields!

Besides the Exclusive Armor Pack, you’re able to start your adventure on September 26, the first possible date to enter Elyon’s world of Harth.

It’s time to join the war between Vulpin and Ontari. Customize your skills to prepare for the battles and put an end to the Dark Apostles invasions. Are you ready for this epic journey?

Official source: Steam

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