ELYON Information regarding the release schedule of the game

The game launches @ December 10, 5 AM GMT (December 9, 9 PM PDT)

The pre-download available @ December 4, 6 AM GMT (December 3, 10 PM PDT)

Character Creation Period is going to take place @ December 9 (rather than earlier mentioned december 8), from 11 AM to 3 PM GMT (3 AM to 7 AM PDT)

Only one character per server can be created during the character creation period

Character nickname is unique for all game servers

Character nickname can be a mix of latin, hangul and digits.

How to Play ELYON

The devs have answered the feedback of the latest stress-test. Interesting states:

Devs would like to further develop the content of dungeons, as well as to consider developing Airship content in ways all of that would benefit players who like PVE content;

Even now there are already mechanisms to balance the factions, but devs consider implementing even more direct approaches to problems with faction imbalances should they arise;

Some players reported it was difficult to get items required to unlock heroic and mythic grade Artifacts for skills. Therefore, the devs have increased the droprate of breath items required to awake statues of field bosses. They are also considering different approaches to make the system of high-tier artifacts more accessible for players;

The devs would like to explore different approaches for the problem of visibility. Most notably, they would like to implement a feature allowing you to see other players through models of monsters as translucent silhouettes. Devs also explore more ways to make battles more visible in terms of may skills FXs around;

Mystic’s debuff damage was the case of many complaints throughout the stress-test. The devs exploring ways to balance the class, but for now they lowered the damage of the particular skills (was not mentioned which one) by 30%;

Mythic-grade equipment, available through the clan research interface, was deleted. The devs were exploring this feature during the Stress-test and have decided to completely discard the idea.

thanks to Hypothermia#0994

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