ELYON Lore | Vulpin and Ontari

Find out more about the past of Vulpin and Ontari in this Elyon Lore video.

Long ago, on the planet of Haas there were three countries.
Among them, Ontari and Vulpin who coveted the power of immmortality cursin them to endure endless war. In time the war reached Nous and started to ravage the country.
The came the discovery of floating stones.
The power of the floating stones led to the development of anti-gravity technology.
Using this technology the Kingdom of Nous built airships.
One day a prophet came to see the king.
He introduced himself as ‘Seo’ Seo foretold of a terrible apocalypse that would befall the whole planet of Haas.
This greatly troubled the king.
To save the people of Nous a giant airship, Ambrion was constructed.
Eventually, the fateful day came.
Giant meteors fell to the ground.
The Vulpin and Ontari locked in battle were wiped out, leaving only their souls behind.
Fortunately, the people of Nous avoided annihilation in their Airships.
For a long time, they floating in the wilderness until they found land.
This new land they named Nunsagard and they started to rebuild.
But it’s not easy to rebuild civilization.
One day the king, who was obsessed with rebuilding civilization, received a surprising proposal from the sorcerers.
To revive Vulpin and Ontari from the souls they had left behind.
Although the king feared that when revived they would reignite their old war
So a condition was put in place that the memories of the souls would be wiped before resurrection.
On the day of resurrection, soul spheres poured down from the heavens.
The souls gathered in the room of birth To be reborn as immortal beings.
This is how the story of the children of the stars begins.

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