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Do I lose EXP when I die?

You lose EXP if you are killed by monsters. This does not apply in dungeons. If a player kills you, you do not lose EXP. Not sure if you lose EXP from enemy faction town guards killing you, but I don’t think so.

Are there any dailies that are very important to do?

Dungeons, 4 per day. Life skill energy maybe. The mini-games that occur every hour tend to have really good rewards too.

Is joining a guild important? Do I need a guild in order to progress?

Yes! If anything to access the individual guild shop, it’s quite important. You can get useful items from the guild research shop, most notably (that is relevant to all guild members) Sephirot EXP potions.

Having a guild also gives you access to guild daily quests, and allows you to participate in Clan Wars (every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Also, you might get kinda lonely without one.

You must participate in Clan Wars at least once to claim Clan War rewards.

Is there fast travel? What are the modes of movement in this game?

Yes. You can unlock fast travel points at most major outposts in the game. Then you can just need to click on the fast travel button on the map and you’re good to go. Fast travel costs Gold, which you may not want to use.

Gliders are the fastest and best way to travel, they require you to just jump off of a reasonably tall height and then just press space bar. You can press Ctrl+Space to jump high into the air from where you’re standing (this has a cooldown). Higher rarity gliders have better stats and allow you to also boost your height multiple times. Gliders are faster than mounts.

Mounts are good for just general travel. The game offers auto-pathing by simply right-clicking on a spot on the world map so you can AFK while riding around.

There are still airships in the game as well for travel. You can access them by taking the elevator located at the base of the very tall towers in each majority city. You manually drive these airships. By taking the airship you gain access to the second world layer in the sky which has aerial monsters and more

When do you unlock life skilling? It is important?

You unlock life skilling in the mid 30s. You’ll be given a tutorial on them. Life skill energy can be found underneath your mana bar and depletes with each action.

Life skilling seems highly useful to create high-end equipment such as Mythic Breakthrough gear.

Life energy automatically replenishes on its own, but there are also potions which can instantly restore some of it.

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