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As you probably know, Elyon held a stress test on 28 and 29 November in Korea, we were able to participate in the test and we will tell you a bit of our experience. We will also share some gameplays and we will add them throughout the day.

The stress test was only for Korea, in order to play you needed a verified account and a VPN. As it often happens with MMORPGs releases, when the test started the servers were full and it was not possible to enter. When trying to do so, a notice informed the waiting time to connect. But they quickly added more servers, 7 of them, and we all were able to connect more easily.

The first thing was to choose the Faction, the Race and the Class of our character.

In this video in 4K resolution
we show you each of the Races and Classes along with the Character Creation system.

ELYON takes its Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine to the limit, the gameplay, graphics and details are truly incredible. Character creation has a wide variety of elements so that you can create a unique character.

In this case we tested the Elemental Class up to level 33, we were able to activate various skills, and complete some items with runes, stones etc. In this video we show you the first ELYON dungeon at level 28.

The ELYON Open Beta in Korea begins on December 10, 2020 and can only be played with a verified account and a VPN .

How to play ELYON in Korea?

Here we leave you a guide so you can play it, be part of the ELYON community in DISCORD.

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