ELYON – ShareX OCR Translating Guide

What is ShareX ?

ShareX is a free and open-source screenshot and screencast utility for Microsoft Windows which can be used to translate any text captured on a screenshot into english. ShareX can be used to capture full screen or partial screenshots, such as rectangle capture and window capture, as well as being able to record video using FFmpeg.

How to download and use it In Game ?

1 – First of all, visit ShareX Website and download the software.

2 – Start ShareX and click on “Hotkey settings”.

2. 1 When you open ”hotkey setting” there are 5 buttons set by default, there isn’t one called ”translate” as sixth, you need to create it To create it you need to press ”add…” Go on Task > Task: None > Screen capture > Text Capture (OCR) And did this you can proceed with the Step ”3”.

3 – Assign a hotkey combination which you want to use to make on screen translations.

4 – Click on “Task Settings”.

5 – Click on “OCR” and set the default language to “Korean”.

6 – Ingame you simply need to use the hotkey combination you assigned in step “3” and highlight the text you want to translate by holding down the left mouse button. (This works also on anything you can see on your screen).

7 – Once you let go of the left mouse button, a new window will pop up. Click on “Open in Google Translate…”.

8 – Google translator will be opened on your browser where you can see the translated text.

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