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The civilization of the kingdom of Nusgarde flourished in a barren land, under the blessing of Sephirot of the Tree of Life.
The inhabitants of Nusgarde discovered that Sephirot was part of the world tree, which existed in another world, Eingard.
They then began the construction of a dimensional portal, Elyon, and a huge airship to reach
to Eingard and obtain a great source of power.

However, just before Elyon began operating, they were attacked by an army of machines,
known as Black Apostles. The Inventus aircraft was seriously damaged and is at risk of falling.

Eingard, where no one has reached; and Elyon, the only way to reach it.

The great war to dominate Elyon has begun.


There are 5 classes available in Elyon: Warlord, Elementalist, Mystic,Assassin, and Gunslinger.
Warlord: Tank-type class.
Elementalist: Magic DPS class
Mystic: Assistant/healer class
Assassin: Melee DPS class
Gunslinger: Ranged Physical DPS Class With Elyon’s unique skill system, you can choose from a wide range of skills.

Vehicles, Mounts, Pets

Elyon has a wide variety of partners to help players in battle. Vehicles like Mounts, Airships and Mechs have different movement speeds, combat power and additional skills.

Pets like Automaton and Mascots will help in the battles both on the ground and in the air. Both your vehicle and your pet will be able to create a variety of battle strategies that are different for each player.

Realm vs Real Battles (RvR)

Within the vast open world of Elyon you will find a variety of large-scale RVR (Realm Vs Realm) battlefields that combine elements of both ground and air combat.

You will be able to choose the battlefield according to your own gameplay style and to use different strategies cooperating with your allies, to be the hero that takes the victory for your kingdom.

Your house, your own way

Each player at Elyon will have his own home.

Players can collect raw materials from various sources for their home and live in different ways. They will be able to create elements in their own home workshop. Not only that, they will also be able to decorate their home and garden.