Table of Contents

  1. Enchantment
  2. How to Enchant Equipment
  3. How to Reforge Enchantments
  4. Special Effects


Enchanting equipment draws out the hidden power within it. Equipment that has been enchanted will gain new stats. Enchantment also activates special effects when the equipment piece reaches certain enhancement levels. Enchanting gear that has already reached a high enhancement level will enable it to become better than ever. 

How to Enchant Equipment

Enchantments can be performed at any Enchanter NPC. In order to perform enchantment, certain materials are required such as Rune Polishers and Rune Powder. Rune Polishers can be obtained by dismantling equipment. Rune Powder can be obtained by dismantling Runestones and from completing quests throughout your journey. 

Elyon | Enchantment Blue Magic Stone

Example of an Enchantment material

How to Reforge Enchantments

If the stats obtained are not ones you desire, you can choose to change the enchantment or retain the previous enchantment of the equipment. 

Elyon | Enchantment UI

Once an enchantment has been changed, it cannot be reverted by in-game means. Due to the random nature of the enchantment obtained, enchantments cannot be reverted by the Support Team via request.

Special Effects

Special Effects are activated when an equipment piece has reached an enhancement level of +10. Special effects can be acquired at a low chance from enhancing equipment, or obtained as a guarantee using the Special Effect tab. 

Elyon | Enchantment Special Effects UI

Epic grade Magic Stones, such as seen in the above picture, can be obtained using the Alchemy Shelf found in any house in your possession.


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