FAQ for Elyon CBT1 May 6th – 10th 2021

Q: How do I become a tester?

A: You can apply for CBT1 access via the main page here: https://kg.games/dcbtapp
Applications are open between April 13th and April 25th 12:00 UTC
Client pre-download will be available starting May 4th.
Please be aware that we have limited capacity and unfortunately not everyone may be able to join.
There will be however another beta test later, so stay tuned.

Q: How many testers will be invited?

A: This is the first test and we will only invite a small number of testers this time around.
We intend to invite a considerable larger number of testers for the next testing phase.

Q: What languages are supported?

A: For CBT1, only English will be available.
From CBT2 onwards, we plan to make English, German, French and Spanish available.

Q: Which countries are supported?

A: Most countries in Europe, North America and Oceania are supported.
A full list of all countries can be found on our support website: https://kg.games/supportedcountries

Q: Where are the test servers located?

A: The EU server is located in the Netherlands. The NA server is located in California.

Q: Can I swap between servers freely with the same character?

A: No, swapping/transferring your characters from one server (or region) to another is not possible.
In the case an additional server is opened during CBT1 and you want to play there, you will have to start from scratch

Q: Is it okay to stream live during CBT1 or create videos with content from the test server?

A: Yes, we’d be honored if you want to share your experience.

Q: Is this build what you’re intending to launch with?

A: No, the CBT1 build is quite far from our target release build.
We are aiming to launch Elyon on a version as close to the Korean one as we can, with localization speed being the deciding factor.
In the beginning of the service we will be a bit behind in terms of content, it is nonetheless our goal to catch up and shrink the gap between Korea and the west ASAP.

Q: Why can’t we test the Ruby Shop?

A: We are still in the process of revising the cash shop along with the impact items offered in it have in the game, and we are not quite ready yet to show you our plans.
We have therefore decided not to open the in-game cash shop functionality and instead make certain paid items available to players directly through an NPC for 1 Gold.
This way, we hope that misconceptions regarding the state of monetization can be avoided.(editado)
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