Elyon’s UI, Shortcuts and Settings

In this guide we detail how to use the UI, shortcuts and settings of the MMORPG Elyon.


How to use the Elyon UI

This is an introduction to the basic UI of the Elyon screen. This is how you will see Elyon’s screen as you play, and these are the indicators and general areas you will find.

Elyon’s UI, Shortcuts and Settings

At the bottom of the screen there is an experience bar, where you can see the total experience of your character and the experience gained. Also, based on beta player’s feedback about the UI, some new features were added.


Battle Log

With this function you can see the damage you deal or receive in Elyon. Now you have a log where you can see everything that happens in battle, the damage, the cause of death, and much more. To access the Battle Log press ALT + B

▲ You can access the Battle Log from the menu or with ALT + B shortcut. You will be able to see the damage, the debuffs and everything that happened in the battle.


Improved battle visibility

Added this battle visibility feature for intuitive reconnaissance. You will be able to see abnormal states such as stun, evasion, shield, etc, intuitively.▲ Battle Visibility applies to you,friendly/hostile players and NPCs (including monsters). You can enable/disable the function in the menu settings (O) → UI. ▲ You can now intuitively see abnormal states such as immunity, evasion, stun, etc., on your character, your allies, and your enemies.

Effects on/off

In a melee or massive battle, the amount of skill effects can be confusing. You can now disable the effects of friendly skills to clearly distinguish enemy skills.
Of course, it can also be used to prevent FPS drops, which can occur when large numbers of people gather in battle.

Friendly skill effects can be turned on/off in two different ways.
You can do it from the menu settings (O) or more easily, if you are in a party, you can activate/deactivate them with the option that appears above the Party window.

▲ If you disable the effects of friendly skills, you will not see the visual effects of skills your allies use. You will only see the effect of your own abilities and your enemies/monsters skills.

Elyon shortcuts

The basic shortcuts can be found in the menu (O) → shortcuts. In addition to UI shortcuts, you will also find shortcuts for basic movement, combat, item usage, and various functions. The vast majority of functions can be configured with any key. However, some shortcuts cannot be modified, such as «Jump» (space bar).

※ Game preferences, UI, and shortcuts are saved in the account information.▲ 1. Quick Access Menu. There are two types of shortcuts:

    • Shortcuts that can be modified
    • Shortcuts that cannot be modified

Keyboard Shortcuts in Elyon

※ Z, X, C, V shortcuts are used for combos with abilities that are triggered after using some skill, evading, blocking, etc.

Chat Settings in Elyon

You can configure a private chat or chat macros in Chat → Quick Chat settings, by clicking on the gear icon next to the chat window. You can create your own chat macros, also specifying the type of chat where you want the macro to be displayed. If you have a person with whom you usually talk privately, you can set a shortcut to talk privately more easily (up to 5 people can be designated)


Skill/Artifact shortcuts

You can set a shortcut to a saved skill/artifact preset, to change it without opening the skill/artifact interface. Note that when you change a skill/artifact preset, you will have to wait 2 seconds to change it again and it cannot be changed in combat.

  1. Current Skill/Artifact Settings
  2. Inactive Skill/Artifact Settings
  3. Locked Skill/Artifact Settings


Elyon’s Preferences

These are some of the more useful preferences functions in the Elyon’s Menu (O).▲ Settings (O) are divided into 5 categories: Graphics/Sound/Game/UI/Shortcuts.

Remove the 60fps limit

If your monitor has a high refresh rate (75hz or more), you can improve the fluidity of the movement by pass over the 60 frame limit. Preferences (O) → Graphics → Video Options → click on the checkbox to remove the FPS limit, as you will see in the image below.

Reduced running/falling effects

Radial Blur is an effect applied to make you feel the sensation of speed when running or sliding. If this causes you any discomfort or you just don’t like it, you can disable it by adjusting the Preferences (O) → Game → Direction → Radial Blur, as seen in the image below.▲ Comparison between Radial Blur at 100% (left) and Radial Blur at 1% (right). 

Reduce screen shake when using skills 

If the camera shake effect when using skills causes you any discomfort, or just displeases you, you can disable it.  ▲ Comparison between camera shake intensity at 100% (top) and camera shake intensity at 1% (bottom).

The intensity of the vibration can be adjusted as follows: Preferences (O) → Game → Direction. The first option seen in the image below regulates the intensity of the camera shake, lower it to 1 to disable vibration or uncheck the checkbox highlighted below, which will completely disable the skills vibrations.

※ Elyon is still under development, so the information presented may suffer some modifications.



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