Kakao Games answers to the most asked questions about ELYON

Hello everyone! We are really exited to share with you this exclusive Elyon FAQ, posted in our Discord server by CM Yukimura from Kakao Games.

Find out here the answer to the most common questions about Elyon.

1. Air combat elements were something new and appreciated in the previous version. With most of the AiR combat systems removed or downsized, do you have plans to reinstate that in future expansions/updates?

«We are aware of the positive community’s feedback regarding the original air combat mechanics for Elyon, although we haven’t discussed this in-depth yet, we may have plans on this for the future.»

2. Do you plan to implement more ambient/players interactions to be more immersive and roleplaying-friendly?

«We don’t have plans for this right now, but it will be taken into consideration for future updates.»

3. Some classes are visually smaller than others and it gets difficult to target an enemy player in RvR/Open World. Will you consider making characters more visible?

«It’s a concern that has been considered during the development process. Players have shown to be able to adapt to this pretty easily in multiple situations. However, as we value and will constantly monitor players’ feedback, more options may be added in the future.»

4. Will there be IP restrictions?

«Yes, there will be IP restrictions for the countries that are not listed here -> https://kg.games/elyonsc, however, for any territory not mentioned in the link, there may be different channels offered in the future.»

5. What’s the subscription/business model for Elyon? Will NA/EU version adapt to the Western market and communities?

Buy 2 Play with in-game purchases. We are working to adapt the many areas of Elyon for the western audience.

6. How will you plan to address new content such as updates, outfits, pets, mounts for Global? Will we get the same timely content as Korea or different/exclusive content?

«At the beginning of the service we’ll closely follow the Korean release. As we’ll need to catch up in localization as soon as possible, we will do our best in order to limit the amount of time you need to wait for the newest content.»

7. Is it possible to get an option to turn off/tone down visual effects of enemy players’ skills?

«There is currently an option for visual effects, however, we will be making improvements according to players’ feedback.»

8. How many new class releases can we expect per year?

«We are currently considering adding 1~2 new classes per year, however, this may be subject to change.»

9. Will there be servers, like in Tera, for multiple languages and one for all?

«In the EU/NA version of Elyon there won’t be servers dedicated to different languages. However, multiple channels will be accessible from the beginning, more information will be provided in the future»

10. Do you plan to make any changes to the crafting system, such as adding normal items to craft and not only breakthrough?

«Adding normal items would cause the value of these items to significantly decrease. For example, they are easier to obtain and do not get destroyed while enchanting.»

11. Will there be Energy buffs to improve the recovery speed?

«Yes. But how these items will be obtained has not been determined yet.»

12. Are there plans to increase PVE activities such as guild content, more dungeons, raids with multiple parties?

«We’re currently working on a new raid content that will involve 20 players at once. As we think additional guild content is required and requested, we will consider it as well in the future.»

13. Are you considering adding more PVP modes, such as Party-Arena or Battle Royale?

«There are no plans for a battle royale mode at the moment, but we do have other PvP modes like 1v1 tag arena and server-wide PvP tournaments in our agenda.»


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