Luminus – The Power of the Constellations

Table of Contents

  1. What are Luminus?
  2. How to Summon Luminus
  3. How to Obtain Luminus
  4. Fusing Luminus
  5. Luminus Battle

What are Luminus?

Luminus are beings formed from a combination of starlight and mana, manifesting in the form of a pattern of lights similar to that of a constellation. While it is unclear whether or not Luminus are self-aware, summoned Luminus will follow their summoners and boost their stats. 

Luminus possess a total of nine different effects according to the shape of their constellations. Additionally, they provide six types of Rune Attribute Points according to their color.

A Luminus’s number of passive and stat effects increases with its grade. There are a total of five grades. Each time a Luminus’s grade increases, a moon is added to the Luminus’s appearance.

How to Summon Luminus

Luminus can be summoned by accessing the Main Menu (ESC) window- Luminus & Pets.

Elyon | Luminus & Pets Menu

Any Luminus you have obtained and registered will be listed under the Luminus section.

Elyon | Luminus & Pets UI

How to Obtain Luminus

One Grade One Luminus is given to every player by completing the Main Quest Luminus – The Power of the Constellations. Additional Luminus can be obtained by purchasing them from the Gear Shop or by achieving a personal score of 50,000 or higher in Realm Wars. 

Fusing Luminus

Similar to pets, Luminus are graded from Tier 1 to 5 – you will be able to fuse multiple Luminus together to reach the next grade on your “main” one, with up to 100% chance for any grade (guaranteed upgrade). 

Elyon | Luminus Grade

➢ Fusion is a permanent action. As such, once Luminus have been used in a fusion attempt that is not 100% (guaranteed) they cannot be refunded or returned. Double check that you are fusing the intended Luminus before proceeding!

Luminus Battle

Luminus Battles are a passive form of obtaining gold, experience and many invaluable items such as Mana Awakening Experience and Enhancement materials. Luminus battles can only be performed at your house by accessing the Luminus Battle option on the Main Menu.

Elyon | Luminus Battle Menu

Your Luminus must be summoned to participate in Luminus Battles. Luminus Battles depend on a resource known as Luminus Energy. If your Luminus has no Luminus Energy left, they cannot participate in Luminus Battles. 

Elyon | Luminus Battle UI

Luminus Energy is earned by hunting monsters out in the field while your Luminus is summoned. Make sure to keep your starlight companion by your side at all times! 


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