Mana Awakening

Table of Contents

  1. The Power of Mana Awakening
  2. Manually Resetting Your Mana Awakening

The Power of Mana Awakening

As the hero foretold by the prophecy, the power of the Sefiroth Tree flows through your veins! This power is known as the Seed of the World Tree, or more commonly as Mana Awakening. Mana Awakening uses the power of mana itself, and can awaken a new attribute each time it reaches a certain level. Awakened attributes can increase your physical ability and grant special abilities.

Elyon | Sefiroth Tree

When one of the three beginning attributes is selected, you can only increase attributes connected to that attribute at the start. As you gain more Mana Awakening Experience you can awaken attributes connected to different starting points, however this will take time to achieve and the first few attributes can only be obtained by starting on a particular beginning attribute

➢ The Mana Awakening tree will forcibly reset every time a new season starts, retaining only the core and select main attributes. Use this knowledge to experiment freely with your Mana Awakening build.

Manually Resetting Your Mana Awakening

You may decide that you want to experiment with a different Mana Awakening build prior to the start of the next season. In such cases, the item known as the Mana Awakening Reset Scroll. A free Mana Awakening Reset Scroll is given as a quest reward when Mana Awakening is first unlocked. To purchase others, visit any General Goods NPC. Mana Awakening Reset Scrolls can be purchased for gold.

Elyon | Manually Resetting Your Mana Awakening


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