New Weapon Appearances and Dimensional Portals Changes

Dimensional Portals

Among the weekly dimensional portals, ‘Black Machine Basin’ became a daily portal. From now on, players who want to level up faster, can freely hunt by selecting the desired time period without competing with a lot of users for a specific period of time. However, Black Machine Basin has a higher character experience, but a lower mana experience, and there are no major rewards.

In some areas of Wraith Monastery, if you go up to a certain height or higher, ‘Ghost’s Poison’ is added. This debuff slows movement speed, disables the use of abilities, and takes ongoing damage.

In the dimensional portal UI, the order of the main reward list has been changed according to the importance of the reward, and the faction and coin markings on the Sandstorm Gorge minimap have been improved.

Main Weapon Appearances

Added the ability to accept missions to acquire special primary and secondary weapon skin kits upon reaching level 49.







Grades of Transcendence Rune Stones and Resistance Rune Stones

Transcendence Rune Stones and Resistance Rune Stones grades 1 and 2, which were previously Hero grades, changed to normal grades. From now on, the runestone disassembly confirmation window will appear from high importance level 3 or from a rare level or higher.

With this upgrade, the process of manually verifying disassembly and pressing the confirm button was bypassed, speeding up the clearing of the runestone inventory. Thanks to this, the downtime due to inventory cleaning is drastically reduced, allowing for a much more enjoyable search.


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