Realm Warfare Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Types and Schedule of Realm Wars
    1. Types of Realm Wars
    2. Schedule per Round
  2. How to Participate
  3. Usable Structures and Vehicles
    1. Manamech Summon
    2. Dragoncaller Horn
    3. Ballista and Howitzer
    4. Giant Manamech
    5. Fighter‘s Medal

Types and Schedule of Realm Wars

Realm War takes place at 3 locations at the same time, and there are a total of 5 rounds over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Please note that Realm Wars are only done in Channel 1 of each server, and you cannot cancel once you join the battle. 

Please refer to the schedule below.

Types of Realm Wars

Each location has a maximum cap of 200 vs 200. You can join from level 38, and the recommended item level is 250.

  • [Ontari] Windy Plantation / [Vulpin] Jerem Marshlands
  • [Ontari] Malignant Boundary / [Vulpin] Executioner’s Front
  • [Ontari] Colossus Plains / [Vulpin] Steel Highland

Schedule per Round

Realm War lasts for 1 hour per round. Please see below for the detailed schedule of each region.

EU Sat/Sun
16:00–16:40 (CEST)
22:00–22:40 (CEST)

NA Sat/Sun
15:00–15:40 (PDT)
21:00–21:40 (PDT)

How to Participate

Before the Realm War begins, a popup UI will appear at the top right of your screen.

If you were unable to join the Realm War, you can still head to the battle area and participate, but will not receive any rewards via this method.

Usable Structures and Vehicles

Below are structures and vehicles you can use during the Realm War:

Manamech Summon

When you capture the Manamech Factory in the below regions, a Manamech your allies can control will be summoned at certain intervals.

  • [Ontari] Windy Plantation / [Vulpin] Jerem Marshlands

60 seconds after capturing the Manamech Factory, 2 Tank F-IV Manamechs will be summoned every 2 minutes. Make good use of them.

Elyon | Manamech Summon

Dragoncaller Horn

Use the Dragoncaller Horn in the below regions to summon and ride the dragon.

  • [Ontari] Malignant Boundary / [Vulpin] Executioner’s Front
  • [Ontari] Colossus Plains / [Vulpin] Steel Highland

When you meet certain conditions in the above regions, the Dragoncaller Horn will appear.

Interact with the horn by pressing [F] to summon the powerful Dragon, Ifrit.

Elyon | Dragoncaller Horn

Ballista and Howitzer

You can find Portable Ballista or Howitzers in front of Strongholds and bases.

Interact with them by pressing [F] to use and move around on them.

Elyon | Ballista and Howitzer

Giant Manamech

Giant Manamechs move around the battlefield and attack enemy players or NPCs.

Elyon | Giant Manamech

You can’t directly control these, but they are powerful weapons, so make use of them by luring enemies into their line of sight.

Fighter’s Medal

Fighter’s Medals are rewards earned from Realm War wins, losses, and individual rewards.

You can exchange these with the Logistics Officer, who appears after the last round of Realm War, for various items.

For the overall victor, the Victorious Logistics Officer will appear, while the losing side will summon the Vengeful Logistics Officer. They sell different items with varying prices.

You can purchase items from Victorious/Vengeful Logistics Officers until a certain time on Sundays.


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