Table of Contents

  1. What are Runestones?
  2. How to Equip Runestones
  3. What are Skill Attribute Points?
  4. What are Rune Points?
  5. Polishing and Upgrading Runestones
  6. Reforging Runestones

What are Runestones?

Runestones are magically imbued gems found throughout Elyon’s world that grant unique stats such as Item Level, Rune Points and Skill Attribute Points when placed in the Rune Slots of equipment.

How to Equip Runestones

Runestones can be equipped into the slots present in equipment found throughout your adventure. To equip a Runestone, go to the Runestones tab in your Inventory [I].

Elyon | Runestones Inventory

This is where all Runestones obtained during your journey are stored. You can place a Runestone in an equipment piece’s rune slot as long as the attribute of the Runestone matches the attribute of the slot.

For example, Assault (red) Runestones can be placed in Red attributed equipment slots and as seen below:

Elyon | Runestome placement

This will grant you three Assault Skill Attribute Points. Equip many Runestones to gain as many Skill Attribute Points as you can! 

What are Skill Attribute Points?

Skill Attribute Points are points that can be obtained through leveling up and through Runestones. These points can be used to unlock unique add ons to skills under the Skills [K] menu. These add ons can have various effects such as changing the skill into an entirely new and improved version of itself or extending the duration of buffs and crowd control.  

Skill Attribute Points gained through placing Runestones in your equipment will also increase your maximum Skill Attribute Points. You can see how many Skill Attribute Points you are in possession of by going to the Skill Menu [K] as seen below:

Elyon | Skill Attribute Points

➢ Caution: If you unequip runes or unequip an item with runes, your maximum Skill Attribute Points will decrease. This will automatically disable the additional effects granted by investing Skill Attribute Points that no longer exist. Make sure to move your Runestones to your new equipment if you choose to change your equipment setup.

Elyon | Skill Attribute Points

What are Rune Points?

Rune Points are used to unlock additional effects know as Rune Attributes. Rune attributes are divided into the following six Attribute:

  • Assault
  • Control
  • Fate
  • Support
  • Protection
  • Awakening

Each attribute has a descending list of tiers that are unlocked by having Rune Points equal to or greater than the requirement shown below in the Rune Attributes Menu [J]:

Elyon | Rune Points

Once enough Rune Points have been obtained by equipping Rune Stones of the same category, you may select one of the additional effects from the row. 

Elyon | Rune Points

When you have chosen the effects you desire, Save the changes using the Save button in the lower right corner of the menu.

You can view your active Rune Attributes by viewing the Activated Rune Attributes 

There are many categories each with their own effects, including some that provide boosts to party members. Try various combinations that suit your particular play style and preferences! 

Polishing and Upgrading Runestones

Elyon | Polishing and Upgrading Runestones

To access the Runestone Management feature, you can click the Runestone option from the Escape (ESC) Menu or right click any Runestone from your Inventory. This feature allows you to Polish and Upgrade Runestones using Gold and upgrade materials such as Rune Powder. Rune Powder can be obtained through quests as well as through Dismantling Runestones and Equipment.

Elyon | Runestone Polishing UI

Polishing a Runestone consumes Gold and Rune Stone Powder. In return, the Runestone’s Polish Level increases. At MAX Polish level, a Runestone can be upgraded. To upgrade a Runestone you must provide a Runestone of equal Level as part of the Upgrade cost as well as the standard Gold and Rune Powder requirements.

Elyon | Runestone Upgrade UI

An upgraded Runestone grants more Skill Attribute Points and Rune Points. By upgrading Runestones, you can attain more Skill Attribute Points and Rune Points while using less equipment rune slots. 

Elyon | Runestone Upgrade

When a Runestone is upgraded to Levels 3, 5, or 7 one of the Runestone’s stats will randomly increase. Keep in mind that beginning at Level 3, the Runestone’s level may decrease if the upgrade fails.

Reforging Runestones

Did you find a Runestone of an exceptionally high grade, only to realize you can’t equip it due to it being the wrong attribute? Worry not! Using the Reforging function found by talking to Equipment Option NPCs within cities and towns. 

When changing the attribute of an equipment piece’s Runestone Slots, equipment items of the same type and gold are required.

※ Runestone slots can be expanded through Enhancement, and the number of expandable slots varies depending on the grade. 

Elyon | Reforge Runestone Slots

The main aspects of the Reforge mechanic are as follows:

  1. The equipment piece that will have its Runestone Slots changed.
  2. The equipment piece that will be used to change the Runestone slots
  3. The percentage chance that the new Runestone Slot will be a certain attribute.

If you do not want a certain Runestone Slot to be changes, you have the ability to Lock the slot by Left Clicking the slot. This will prevent any changes to the selected slot.

Elyon | Reforge Runestone Slots

➢ Please note that once Runeslots have been changed via Reforging that they cannot be reverted by the Support Team.


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