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Today, Elyon’s First Closed Beta Test (CBT1) was finally announced for North America, Europe, and Oceania! The wait has been long, but now the time to test the content that Elyon has to offer before its western release its almost here.

ELYON’s BETA CBT1 test schedule:

First, you have to create an account here

and then you can request access to CBT 1 in the image below

All users who are selected to participate in CBT1 will receive a confirmation email on April 27.

Even if you are not selected during the registration phase, you will still have several opportunities to secure access to CBT1 through various events and promotions. All selected applicants will not only automatically receive access to CBT1, but will also be able to invite a friend via a key included in the confirmation email. 

The key can be redeemed here.

CBT1 Specifications

Game Build

The build you will be playing on is a copy of the January 27 patch of the Korean service, with some minor adjustments to visual and game content that is no longer relevant (such as game props, event quests, etc).

Why are we playing on such an old build?

Due to the heavy localization work required we have decided to lock on to a specific build version for CBT1 before working on localizing future content; this way we can run the testing period earlier and have a bit more time to process the feedback you give us. We are aware that certain content may have already been changed on the latest version and we will adjust our feedback review process accordingly.

Is this build what you’re intending to launch with?

No, the CBT1 build is quite far from our target release build. We are aiming to launch Elyon on a version as close to the Korean one as we can, with localization speed being the deciding factor. In the beginning of the service we will be a bit behind in terms of content, it is nonetheless our goal to catch up and shrink the gap between Korea and the west ASAP.


For CBT1, only English will be available. From CBT2 onwards, English, German, French and Spanish will be available.


There will be two regions available – Europe and North America.
Only for CBT1, each region will start with one server. An additional server may be opened if necessary. Each server will consist of a certain amount of channels.

Can I swap between servers freely with the same character?

No, swapping/transferring your characters from one server (or region) to another is not possible. In the case an additional server is opened during CBT1 and you want to play there, you will have to start from scratch.

Cash Shop

The cash shop (namely Ruby Shop) will not be available during CBT1. To give players a general feeling about existing cash shop items, a variety will be offered through an event NPC, or via in-game mail if necessary.

Why can’t we test the Ruby Shop?

We are still in the process of revising the cash shop along with the impact items offered in it have in the game, and we are not quite ready yet to show you our plans. We have therefore decided not to open the in-game cash shop functionality and instead make certain paid items available to players directly through an NPC for 1 Gold; this way, we hope that misconceptions regarding the state of monetization can be avoided.


At any point during the CBT1 period, maintenance may be carried out to ensure server stability or fix critical issues. In such a case, a notice will be made as early as possible.


Your CBT1 progress will be wiped after the testing period ends.

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