We’re excited: CBT2 is on its way! Time to catch you up with some information so you know what to expect when August hits.


With our second Closed Beta Test, we want you to be able to play a more updated version. So we will bring you a build that is much closer to the current Korean build than we did with CBT1.

This will include many of the changes, updates and new features that have happened over the last few months and we’ll start sharing some of the details with you over the next few weeks. The application process will be much shorter this time around and the number of participants far higher than CBT1. As before, there will be multiple ways to obtain keys, so keep an eye out in all our usual places.

Don’t forget, CBT2 will also include the Slayer class. In addition, various parts such as class balance adjustments for each class and new Mana Awakening skills have been updated. There’s already enough to look forward to!

Leveling up will be easier

The overall amount of XP gained from killing monsters will increase starting on level 40, with an XP increase of 15 percent. This will make it easier to level up. Killing monsters of level 41 will give an XP increase of 20 percent, while monsters with a level of 42 and above will give an XP increase between 27 and 30 percent.

What the teams are working on

PM Jim and C currently are preparing the build that’s used during CBT2. They’re also looking after a fresh new website, the preparation of the in-game Cash Shop and the start of preorder possibilities. More information about those things will follow soon.

CM Rhotaaz and the other CMs are preparing some cool CBT2 events and finding ways to distribute keys. Meanwhile, CM Karim is preparing for another hectic streaming schedule.

Our Tech team is basically responsible for making Elyon even more suitable for the western market. At the moment they are improving the game service platform and the infrastructure, so that lots of players can play in a better online environment at the same time. Development on some changes from the Korean version is also in progress.

The Localisation team is working on making sure both the CBT2 and final launch build are ready. Amongst other things, they have been working hard over the past couple of months to offer more language options than English. During CBT2 you will have the first possibility to experience Elyon in either English, Spanish, French, or German! Amusez-vous bien, Diviértete, Viel Spaß!

Adding those languages requires a lot of work from the GMs as well. They are working hard on translating the official support page, as well as translations for some of the already existing guides.

At the same time, several GMs are keeping track and testing some of the newly added content. This ensures that their knowledge on Elyon is up to speed as soon as CBT2 starts. GM Ydril is in the process of training new GMs. Whenever you run into trouble, this team will do their best to help you out!

More information in the upcoming weeks

We’ll aim to keep the information flowing over the upcoming weeks. Get ready for more information on Dungeons, Dimensional Portals, Arena and more!

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